In Defense of Valentine’s Day

Even if you haven’t been hit by Cupid’s arrow, you should still appreciate Valentine’s Day.

By Kayla Braithwaite

Oh, Valentine’s Day. For some, this day is full of love and getting gifts from your spouse or significant other, and, for others, it’s a day when you either spend time in front of your TV or shoving ice cream down your throat crying, and wondering why on earth are you single. Sure, couples look forward to Valentine’s Day, but if you’re single, it’s a day to dread. But even if you are in a relationship, it can be tedious with all its flowers, candy, teddy bears, and mushiness. Why just spend one day showering the one you’re with with love and affection? Should that not be every day?  According to Sophomore Tatyana Williams, “Valentine’s Day is just that one day where you show that person who you are dating or married to how much you really care about them. It’s basically a birthday for couples.”

So, if this day all about the person you care about it so much, why can it be so annoying?  A lot of people say because it’s so overly hyped. Senior Olumide Akendye says, “People act like it’s Black Friday.”  From the commercials about what candy is on sale to the millions of predictable cheesy romance movies that come out on every Valentine’s Day, the commercialism of the holiday can get very annoying. Even for the couples, this day can be slightly irritating. Akendye added, “You buy a lot of stuff for no reason. Half of these couples buy their boyfriend or girlfriend an $80 gift, then end up breaking up the week right after. Why just have this one day to buy all these things for a person you probably won’t even talk to in five years?”

Since this day seems so annoying, I asked a group of students if they would wipe Valentine’s Day right off the calendar, if it was up to them, or would they just change the traditions or aspects?   Surprisingly to me, they answered with a resounding no. One student who asked to be anonymous said, “I may be alone now, but one day I may enjoy this holiday.” Senior Alex Pecas says,” I wouldn’t get rid of this day because it’s nice to see all the happy couples; I would keep this day as it’s always been.”

Valentine’s Day may be an aggravating holiday to some, but a lot of people enjoy it, so for now it’s safe to stay.  Besides all of the cheesiness, hype, and how it is advertised, nothing is really wrong with this holiday. Cupid is just that one friend who we can’t seem to get rid of. In other words, can’t hate on Valentine’s Day.


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