Hammond’s New Favorite App

By Jordan Katz

Trivia Crack describes itself as an “international smash hit game that pits friend against friend in different categories to determine who has the most trivia knowledge.” For the students at Hammond High School, it is more than that. It has become an addiction.

The game itself is relatively simple. Questions are divided into six categories: art, geography, history, science, sports and entertainment. You spin an electronic wheel to determine which category you will be asked about. You need to answer three questions and then a bonus to win a token for each category. The first person who wins all six tokens wins the game.

The game has quickly swept all of Hammond into a frenzy. Students are glued to their phone answering questions and trying to prove they are smarter than their peers. At lunch, food takes a backseat to competing with their friends sitting across the table from them. In between bells, Trivia Crack is the only thing students are doing. There are even some more daring students who play Trivia Crack during class.

Trivia Crack brings out the competitiveness in the students. Twitter has become flooded in the recent days with students posting screenshots taunting their friends over their loss. You can see examples from seniors Jordan Katz and Brigid Mangan, and sophomores Mikayla Prettyman and Laura van Hasselt. The app also possesses a chat feature that allows for easy trash talking between competitors.

In addition to taunting her friends, van Hasselt enjoys applying what she’s learned for Trivia Crack. “I know some of the history questions because of G/T history last year. I’d like to think that class didn’t go to waste.” The jury is still out on that one, though.

In the Whong household, Trivia Crack isn’t just an app, it’s a way to determine who does the dishes. “Often times no one feels like doing the dishes, so we use Trivia Crack to settle the disputes.” Ben Whong added.

When we spoke to sophomore Jack Buzard, he made it clear that he was responsible for this game reaching Hammond. “I brought this game to Hammond High School, just so you guys know. I got it from my friends at River Hill and I brought it over here and told everybody about it. And now you all play it.”

Trivia Crack does have it’s detractors. Cheyenne Monthe is no fan of the game, calling it stupid and adding “There’s a lot of games that are exactly like that.” Senior Ryan Pirtle prefers another trivia app, known as Quiz Up. “Quiz Up actually required knowledge, Trivia Crack is mostly luck because it has a lot of random questions in it.”


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