Kingdom Hearts 2.5 ReMIX Review

By Nazily Zaza

Kingdom Hearts (KH), arguably the best video games made by Square Enix, is a game that combines the use of Disney story characters (Donald, Mickey, Goofy, and the like), and Final Fantasy characters like Leon, Cloud, and Sephiroth to create a complicated, yet beautiful storyline that spans over the course of 2 years. KH was very successful in the U.S. thanks to its complicated storyline with the bonding of characters, and its entertaining combat system that included multiple types of enemies ranging from common Heartless, to Cerberus, the guard dog of Hades. It was a Playstation 2 exclusive game that was going to be remade into an HD collection for the PS3. The reason for the remake is that in Japan they have another version of KH called KH Final Mix that came out in 2007 with added battles and cutscenes that was a Japanese exclusive, so now Americans and others are getting it remastered to the Final Mix version on the PS3 in English.

The plot concerns a young boy named Sora who lives in the middle of the ocean on a group of islands called Destiny Islands with his two best friends Riku and Kairi. One day they decide to journey out of their little world, by sailing on a small makeshift raft. Unfortunately there is a horrible storm the night before, and Sora goes to check on the raft only to find Riki who is swallowed by darkness, followed by the emergence of small black creatures with bright yellow eyes called Heartless. All of a sudden, Sora obtains a magical weapon of light called a Keyblade which he uses to fight his way off the island. Long story short (Because it is a VERY LONG story) Sora travels to different worlds trying to save Riki before he is overtaken by darkness, while trying to close the keyholes that have been awoken by the darkness from the heartless. in the second game Sora is trying to finally close the door to Kingdom Hearts, but encounters a mysterious group called Organization XIII, which is a group of 13 Nobodies (Shadows of their former selves) that look to obtain Kingdom Hearts to regain their reality.

This remake was made for both games called Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, and Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix, which were both already released in Japan. They hold new features including recoloring skins for the heartless, new exclusive battles between you and powerful enemies, and new weapons, and clothes for Sora. In the new release of Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix changes include a new difficulty mode called Critical mode that was introduced first in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. Also changed were the textures, which provide better visual definition. A new drive form called Limit form was included that allows the player to use skills from the previous game, Kingdom Hearts, and the outfit he wears resembles the one he wore in the first game. The heartless received palette swaps (recoloring), and a new scene was added to the story mode, that occurs after the meeting with Roxas (Sora’s Nobody) outside Organization XIII’s Castle where Sora battles Roxas.

Lastly, many new items were included into the game including a new Keyblade, Winner’s Proof, a few new items like Executive’s Ring and Spells Relic, and new weapons for Donald, and Goofy (Goofy, Frozen Pride) (Donald, Shade Archive). Overall the game is wonderfully made with a very deep intricate story line that is not that hard to follow if you keep up with the games. All in all I would definitely recommend this game to any and all who like RPG’s with action, and a good story!


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