Helena Davis Awarded Maryland Allstate Dancer

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Helena Davis with her medal. (Photo Credit Ms. Leonard)

By Caroleen Anderson

January 7th was a exciting day for the Hammond Dance Company as they attended the 26th annual Maryland High School Showcase. Hammond Junior dancer Helena Davis was awarded a medal for being the “Maryland Allstate Dancer.”

Five different dancers auditioned on December 16th, and winning this distinction came as a shock to her. “I was really honored, and surprised when they called me name, and it’s really exciting to be one of twenty-five people recognized,” Helena remembers. She also mentioned that she did not expect to win at all, and, though honored, she was more surprised than anything.

Dancers from all around Maryland also attended the Maryland High School Showcase. At the Showcase, the Dance Company had the opportunity to take three different master dance classes – fundamentals of movement, jazz, and modern, taught by college dance professors.

Hammond opened up the Showcase this year by performing their piece “Evil.” Hammond students remember this piece from previous performances in the auditorium, dancers were seen in all black wearing masks to where only their eyes are exposed, then they reveal their identities at the very end of the piece.

It was an enjoyable but tiring day for Dance Company. Ms. Kuhl praised her dancers on the extraordinary job they did yesterday, “considering the fact that they attended three different classes before they opened the show first of 34 [companies].” All together, it was a wonderful experience for all the dancers that attended. All three master dance classes were 90 minutes long, each dancer worked and learned for 4 long hours, which must have been an amazing but exhausting experience.

The Maryland High School Showcase has been going on for 26 years now. Dancers all across Maryland attend and showcase their most favorable pieces, Hammond has had the opportunity to attend many of these showcases. These showcases are not only to show how talented, and driven these dancers are, but to create a memorable experience for all who attend.


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