The Red Cross Club Hopes to Help “Vaccinate a Village”


Signs created by the Red Cross Club were hung up around Hammond and the cafeteria to encourage students to donate $1 to help those in need. Credit: Kylie Potter

By Kavitha Brunner

Hammond High School is home to several clubs, where students can engage in activities and events that are meaningful to them and sometimes offer volunteer hours. A new addition to this list, one that makes a particularly poignant impact in not only the community, but maybe the world, is the Red Cross Club, sponsored by Hammond physics teacher, Irene Tsavaris.

Founded by Jamachi Eluchie and Sahith Mukku, the Red Cross Club welcomes any student of Hammond High who wants to, well…change the world. The club meets every other Friday in room 404. Volunteer hours are offered to students who become involved in the National Red Cross Club.


Red Cross Club founders Jamachi Eluchie and Sahith Makku believe in the power of Hammond to make a difference in the lives of others. Credit: Kylie Potter

Sahith Mukku, co-founder and co-president, says that “the primary goal of the Red Cross Club is to ensure that students are prepared for the future and are ready to be able to help people whenever it is necessary.” He mentions that there are plans for a blood drive and CPR training, if enough people are interested.

Jamachi Eluchie, also a co-founder and co-president, states another aim of the club: “We want to provide toiletries and financial assistance to veterans. It is also important that we raise money for deprived children around the world through the Red Cross Youth program ‘Vaccinate a Village,’ where we hope to raise enough money in our fundraisers to vaccinate entire villages.”

Joining the Red Cross Club is a good idea if you want to promote the benevolence of humanity and help those who are extremely less fortunate than you are. Not only is it raising money, but it’s raising awareness of the destitution of the world around us.

On January 13th, Mike Feldman, a volunteer of the American Red Cross, sits in during Hammond’s lunch shifts to promote the current fundraiser. He says that “if you donate a dollar towards fighting disease, I’ll give you a silver pin!” The table, located outside of the cafeteria, will be set up on January 13th and 14th, where you can donate a dollar in order to help fight disease and relieve disasters. Better go donate a dollar, save a life, and get your pin!

Tweet us @hhsbearpress (#RedCrossHHS) to share your thoughts about Jamachi and Sahith’s mission!  We’ll have a story by Lauren White in our upcoming issue highlighting more crusades by members of Mrs. Lerner’s Intern/Mentor class – like Sahith and Jamachi!


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