Envision Yourself Taking Television

If you take Television, you'll get plenty of experience both in front of and behind the camera.

If you take Television, you’ll get plenty of experience both in front of and behind the camera, just as senior Chris Cox is doing in this photo. Credit: Jordan Katz

By Chris Cox

BAM! The main character is dead, shot in the head by his own best friend. A twist like that doesn’t happen often, but makes the movie tons at the box office. If you want to show your movie-making glow, then go and join the elective: TV Studio. Ms. DuPuis does not offend, her joy and passion never ends. Spend time shooting your own movies that are suiting to your diluting workload that you are booting from computing. If you like to lend helping hands and befriend creative friends, then TV Studio is what I recommend.

Take the front-end and become the director: extend the project and command your sector. Tend to the public, advertising and budget, as the Producer you depend on not spilling the bucket. The writer is the brighter, make the story seem lighter, use the pen to smite as a tighter word-fighter. Or, you can act as the star of the pact, backed by the lighting as you react from attacks, using the facts of the compact extract, you distract and attract the viewers nerve tract, that’s a fact.

All these roles help make the movie whole, making the work more fun in total. Ms. DuPuis is your guide and she doesn’t try to hide the pride she has from her students on the inside. Spend time with your friends as you climb the mountain, spewing out ideas like a raging water fountain. Sit back and critique other films, old like antiques, take a peek into the creek of water running images, leaking ideas that improve your technique.

One word for TV Studio is fun, a home run for electives that stun your thinking bun. An easy way to start the day, feels like play when you allay all the work away. This shiny dime, a one-time chime from the sublime chyme known as class-time, one last mime before I’m gone, it’s about time for you to know this whole article is a rhyme.

Television is offered for juniors and seniors as course #1860 this year.  Television can fulfill your Fine Arts graduation requirement for your high school career, and can serve as a fun introduction to the world of production and communications!  Do you want to take Television next year?  Tweet us @hhsbearpress with #HaHSTV to comment in rhyme!


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