The Best, Worst and Huh? of the Super Bowl Commercials

By Chris Cox and Jordan Katz


Fiat – Blue Pill: Well we can’t describe the kind of pill used in this commercial because this is a school newspaper. But it was humorous and original, and there’s not much more you can ask for a decent commercial.    

Doritos – Baby Momma: A Hilarious twist on “What’s more important than Doritos? Then immediate karma for the selfish chip-muncher.

Clash of Clans – Liam Neeson: Even if you’ve never played Clash of Clans, it was hard to not have a smile on your face when Liam Neeson channeled his best impersonation of his character from Taken. The barista mispronouncing his name was the cherry on the top for this commercial.

Esurance – Breaking Bad: As a fan of Breaking Bad I loved this. Even people who have never seen Breaking Bad still smiled. Bryan Cranston needs a movie already that he’s in for more than 30 minutes.

Snickers – Brady Bunch: I really only enjoyed Steve Buscemi’s brief appearance at the end. But the way they made the commercial look like it was filmed in the 1980’s, including the static audio, was impressive.

Nationwide – Invisible Mindy with Matt Damon: Matt Damon’s cool. Also it’s a creative idea and excellent commentary of society and it’s attention span.

Skittles – Arm Wrestling: Innuendo aside, arm wrestling for a Yellow Skittle in the mid-west with a crowd of giant right-armed people including a baby and a dog is just enough random to make us smile.

Avocados from Mexico – Draft: I really didn’t care about anything other than the fantastic visual of seeing a polar bear in a sombrero.


Nationwide – Dead Kid: This commercial was unfathomably bad. It was needlessly morbid and unnecessarily used fear to sell their product. When people are drinking, eating, socializing and generally enjoying themselves, no one wants to be think about dead children. It’s disappointing given that Nationwide knows they can make happy commercials, like the Peyton Manning chicken parm one.

Jublia – Toe Fungus: I’m just trying to understand why that much money was spent on something like toe fungus. I honestly couldn’t believe it. Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Chevrolet, and toe fungus? Plus, the budget must’ve all flooded to airing it instead of making it look good.

Sprint – Screaming Goats: Another lazy ad with all the budget pointed to airing it. Also, screaming goats aren’t funny anymore.

Coca Cola – Powers Computers: I tried pouring Coca-Cola on my computer and I did not get the results advertised. Expect a call from my lawyers Coca-Cola.

Budweiser – Puppies: It was needlessly sad and had absolutely nothing to do with beer.


McDonald’s – Happiness: What if your parents are dead? Nationwide is on your side.

SquareSpace – Dreaming with Jeff: The Commercial said it all. The one word to describe this Advertisement: “Um…”


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