Valentine’s Day Notes #1

To: Laura van Hasselt

From: Sydney aka Glo Girl Syd

I love you


To: Kodi

From: Chaney

You’re my best friend and I love you


To: My Love

From: Your Love

The sun rises and sets in your eyes on this day that I reflect on our ever lasting love.


To: Everyone

From: Everyone

You are beautiful/handsome and really cool and I love you. 🙂


To: Ayo

From: Amanda

I love you fam.


To: Olu Aina

From: Olu Aina

You’re so amazing, I love you. ❤ ❤ ❤


To: Mr. Livieratos

From: The Coca-Cola Polar Bears

Come on man. I understand that you don’t like us, but if you would break the ice you would sea that we aren’t that bad. We’re pretty chill and if you gave us a chance we would melt the ice around your heart.


To: Mr. Osborne

From: English 10 GT

My hands are coated with blood- the blood of all Osborne students. I hold my appendages out in despair. WHO WILL SAVE US? No one, answered the mighty Oz. No one.

To: Nick Zuelsdorf

From: Jessica Ramon

Happy Valentine’s Day to my favorite guy ever. I LOVE YOU MOST BABE. ❤


To: Jeremy Stewart

From: Olu Aina

Marky Moo loves you mother trucker ecch ❤


To: John and Cristy

From: Anon

#Partysquad Love you guys!


To: Kevin Baker

From: Tim Baker

I wish we were brothers.


To: Black Widow

From: Hawkeye

I, Hawkeye, have always had for a thing for Black Widow.


To: Kylie Potter, Sejal Sinna, Sydney Sullivan, Sarah Horton

From: Olivia Irby

Roses are red and violets are blue. If you were a flower I’d pick you.


To: Nick Buonaccorsi

From: Glo Girl Syd

Juventus sucks 🙂 Merry Christmas


To: Chin Wang

From: Class of 2017

Thank you for being you.


To: Kevin Baker

From: Nicolette

The password isn’t entirely true.

To: Kevin Aranyi

From: Wate Kegman

You are incredibly handsome. Emphasis on the “some”. Love you hair. Bye.


To: Rhea Bradley

From: Olu Aina

I love you too, “cucumber daughter” ❤


To: Tony

From: Michael

Will you be my Valentine? I can’t deal with this friendzone anymore.


To: Mikayla

From: Cheyenne

I love you, son. I ain’t never gonna stop loving you son.


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