Valentine’s Day Notes #2

To: Mr. Osborne

From: Ms. Stevens

Shave that ugly unattractive piece of facial hair.

To: Laura

From: Megan

I love you with all my heart. Du.

To: The Class of 2017

From: The Hammond Hallways

You guys decorated me so well, even if you finished third for it.

To: Grace Cheney and Seun Aina

From: Tristan Henkel

You’re my favorite Glo Goddesses.

To: Mystery Boy in Ms. Brown’s 2nd period Biology

From: Anonymous

I’m always watching.

To: Rhea

From: Rhea

You’re alright.

To: Mr. L

From: Your Favorite Student

Thank you for your beard. It brings happiness to everyone.

To: Tim Baker

From: Your Love

Your glasses are too fine!

To: Michael Loveless

From: Sasha Bernstein

Dear Michael, ever since I met you, I have loved being your friend. You are so sweet and charming, Happy Valentines Day, actually everyday I am with you is Valentine’s Day. I love you. 🙂

To: Kunal

From: Kunal

You’re a cool kid. ILYSM and you’re #1. Have a great day and don’t forget that you’re awesome.

To: Fifth Harmony

From: Kunal

Congrats on Reflection! Best album ever! Y’all are so nice and ILYSM.

To: Olu Aina

From: Rhea

I love you, “eggplant mom”

To: Kevin Baker

From: Sydney

You are going to Harvard.

To: Jordan Katz/Kevin Baker

From: Olu Aina

You guys r so bomb, swag ❤

To: Cheyenne Monthe, Seun Aina and Ayo Tunde-Sanya

From: Glo Girl Sydney


To: Olivia Boateng

From: Desiree Labor

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray. You’re bae and I love you!

To: Squidney

From: Mikayla

I still have nightmares.

To: Vasmin

From: Amber

Vasmin you are so funny and we be cracking up in child development. LOVE YOU SO SO SO SO much ❤ 🙂

To: Tristan Henkel

From: Oxford University

Here is your acceptance letter.

To: Devin Young

From: Destiny Harvey

Hey, you my best friend, husband and my soul mate. I love you and you mean everything to me. I love you and always will. 4-4-14 forever. Love you honey. ❤

To: Class of 2017

From: Class of 2014

Way to carry on the legacy of the Red.

To: Seun

From: Jeremy

You’re the best I can’t imagine life without you 🙂

To: Kira Bennett and Holly Nanan

From: Olu Aina

I love you guys so much you’re my cinnamon apples stay based


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