Valentine’s Day Notes #5

To: Holly Brown

From: Nicolette Brookman

You got a bae, or nah? JK, I know it’s me. Love ya!


To: Oluwaseun

From: Advisor

I see you like the white chocolate, my friend. Put yourself out there, bud! You will be alright. Take a rise. Go for him. And above all, GLO.


To: Aarti

From: Red

Lets go watch 50 Shades of Grey together on Valentine’s Day at AMC Theater.


To: Amina

From: Anonymous

Your eyeliner was on fleek yesterday.



To: Kevin Baker

From: Tim Baker

We’re like brothers…only closer.


To: Iveth M.

From: Allison R.

LOVE YOU BOO!! lol bruh you’re an amazing friend keep being you ❤


To: Krina

From: Bae

You are very beautiful and I love you!


To: Chantelle

From: Iveth

Love you baby girl ❤


To: Josh

From: Leslie

SOUP. Enjoy that SOUP you toothpaste child.


To: Mr. Dunlap

From: Matt Lupo

I love you.


To: Kunal

From: Olu

Wow youre cool ily!


To: 4B Lunch Table

From: 4B Lunch Table

You guys are cool kids.


To: Olivia Kuykendall

From: Your Junior

I’m sorry I didn’t get you a box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day, but if you want something sweet, I’m right here.


To: Mr. Osborne

From: English 10 GT

The noise of the Battle of the Word Trace overwhelming the rush of blood to my hands. There is no respite in this war, but the battle has been won. I have killed my word tracing in the eyes of the Mighty Oz.


To: Grav Chinu

From: Meg + Kunal

Your name is Grav


To: Grace Cheney

From: Olu

You are the greatest person in the world. You are better than Girl Almighty and better than me too.


To: Davonn

From: Anon

Tbh you’re a stranger and you should change that. Hmu rate 9.


To: Glo Girl Syd

From: God

Thank you for being you.


To: Matt Lupo

From: Grace Lee

I just want you to know that I loved you since I first set eyes on you. I’m yours forever.


To: Makayla Hill

From: Radeen Hudson

I love you and on this very special mouth I wanna say I care for you so much. Te amo mi amor.


To: Everyone

From: Anonymous

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope you have a great day ❤


To: Tyler Zamora

From: Zach Wehrmeister

You are strange. Why do you work with me? But you an alright guy. Bye.


To: Zach Wehrmeister

From: Tyler Zamora

I don’t like you that much but you’re cool I guess. Hugs and kisses.


To: Destiny

From: Derrick

Dear Destiny, you make me really happy and I like you a lot. I’m glad you’re my girlfriend.


To: Coach Carey

From: A friend

Good luck next year, heal up dommy! “tres”


To: Ms. Leonard

From: Ms. Harryman

Tous mes voeux pour la Saint Valentin.


To: Milan Townsend

From: Tim Baker

Thank you for your subliminal messages. Hopefully in the future we’ll be able to take it further.


To: Jalin

From: Nick

I really like your cruddy.


To: Kate Wegman

From: Tim Baker

Marry me ❤


To: Maddie Cheney 

From: Nick Borsh 

Marry me


To: Mr.Dunlap

From: Tim Baker 

My love for you is undying


To: Tim Baker

From: Mr.Dunlap 

I am astounded by your tenacity and willingness to play every part. You are my star pupil.


To: German Perez 

From: Amirah Hassan

To my hispanic homie Finnesky, get them STACKS!


To: Makia Cobbs

From: Your gf shiya

Love you bae!


To: Caroleen 

From: Tim

It is a lot of fun working with you in journalism


To: Nick Borsh

From: Aaron

My favorite sideline buddy


To: Jennah Hassan 

From: Aaron

My future wife 🙂


To: Shiya

From: Faith

You’re so ugly, but its cool. We’re friends.


To: Nicolette

From: Your favorite person 

You are cool ….. most times


To: Michael Baker

From: Bae 

I figured I’d write you a little note and tell you how sweet, smart, funny, supportive and great you are. Thanks for everything!


To: Osborne

From: Osborne

You’re so beautiful


To: Emma 

From: Anon

You are the most beautiful, funny, kind, and nice person I have ever met. Be my Valentine? 🙂


To: Grace 

From: Grace

You’re like amazing. Wow.


To: Olu & Tris

From: Grace

Y’all are cool 🙂


To: Mr. P 

From: Pd.2

I hope the gators of justice do not score too much… Happy Valentines day (OF JUSTICE!!!)


To: Christian

From: Sebastian

You look like a thumb, with your hairline on the back of your neck.


To: Ahna

From: Hannah

Learn to do your own hair, I’m not wasting gas on you.


To: Kitsty & Ryan

From: Maddie

Mom – Ily  R-dog – Hi.


To: Madhu Nallani

From: Madhu Nallani

You always look beautiful


To: Maddie Meyer

From: Madhu Nallani

You’re chill….. Happy Valentines Day!


To: Terrance

From: Your secret admirer

You’re hot


To: Hannah

From: Ahna

I guess you’re ok.


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