A Night at the Movies Helps Best Buddies Thrive


The Best Buddies mural at Hammond was created through student’s donations towards the Hammond chapter. Credit: Hameling Murillo-Osorio

By Hameling Murillo-Osorio

Best Buddies had their First Annual Best Buddies Howard County Movie Night on February 5th at Mt. Hebron High School at 6:30pm. Tickets were sold during all lunch periods at all Howard County Best Buddies chapters from January 26th to February 5th. Each ticket was $5 per person. The purchase of each ticket included a small popcorn and an entry to win a $15 AMC gift card. Once all of the attending students arrived, they got the chance to socialize with other students from all of the Howard County chapters. All the profits from this fundraiser are going to help continue the Best Buddies chapters throughout Howard County.

Best Buddies was founded by Anthony K. Shriver in 1989. The program was designed to allow anyone with disabilities to join any Best Buddies group at any age they needed. The program was meant to stick with them for the rest of their lives.

Now, Best Buddies is a student-led program that involves a Chapter President, a Vice President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and a Communications group. This is a non-profit organization that matches high school students to a one-on-one friendship for one academic year. The main purpose of Best Buddies is to foster a natural friendship between two people. The role in the chapter is “to be a friend and to just be yourself.” Ms. McGonigal, one of the Best Buddies’ supervisors, says, “Best Buddies is a wonderful program, and it keeps me and Ms.Young working hard to keep it.” Her only concern is that, “I find it difficult for students because of their other academic activities.”

The Mt. Hebron chapter chose to show Night at The Museum, which is a fun, family-oriented movie for all ages to enjoy. It was a great choice for the Best Buddies group because, in Ms. McGonigal’s opinion, “it is suitable for all ages.” Hammond senior and Best Buddies Chapter President Mariah Sandy agreed. “Even though it was a movie that a lot of people have seen, there were some people who hadn’t seen it yet, and for a lot of people, it had been a while since they had watched it. There are parts that still make them laugh.”


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