An Interview with Seussical’s Rhea Bradley


Rhea Bradley (purple) pictured with the other Bird Girls in Seussical.

Hammond Theatre’s production of Seussical is happening on March 5th, March 6th and March 7th. The Bear Press sat down with sophomore Rhea Bradley, who will be playing one of the Bird Girls in the production, to discuss the musical and her role in it.

What is your favorite part of the musical?

I like getting to know all the people because they’re all really talented and really sweet. You just fit in. Seussical is a very unique musical. It’s over the place, it’s just frantic and fun.

 You have acting experience outside of Hammond productions, how do you think that benefits you?

I think past experience makes you better at whatever you study in. It prepared me to take on a role that I’ve never really done something like that before. Usually it’s a silly role but here I’m some sassy bird. I think being taught how to act is helpful with that.

How has your relationship developed with your fellow Bird Girls?

I love them. They’re all very sweet. A lot of them I did not know before the production started, and now we’re all as close as can be. We’ve spent a long time together. They’re all very funny and they’re all just like me. So it’s chaos. [laughs]

There are five other Bird Girls along with you. What are the pros and cons to that?

It’s easier to remember choreography because everyone is doing the same thing. You can better learn about your own character as an individual from other people’s perspectives. Some cons are that we get distracted a lot having fun with each other. But you know, that’s alright.

What is the one thing you want audiences to leave with after each show?

A smile on their face. There’s some hidden humor in the show. I think it’s good for all ages.


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