An Interview with Seussical’s Brigid Mangan

(Photo Credit: Grace Brune)

Hammond Theatre’s production of Seussical is happening on March 5th, March 6th and March 7th. The Bear Press sat down with senior Brigid Mangan, who will be playing Gertrude McFuzz in the production, to discuss the musical and her role in it.

How would you describe the concept of Seussical to the audience?

I think it’s a fun show that brings Dr. Seuss, all of his characters, a lot of his well known stories such as The Cat in the Hat, Gertrude McFuzz who my character is based off of, and many other different books to life. 

How do you feel you are similar or different to your character?

I am actually very similar to my character. My character is kind of awkward and dorky and that kind of is me. But in other aspects, we’re very different. She is a little over the wall dorky and I’m not that dorky.

How have you tried to make yourself a part of the world of Seuss?

I’ve tried to kind of go overboard with my reactions in the show because Dr. Seuss is very overboard and over the top. I’ve tried to incorporate that into all my movements as well.

What do you feel the audience will be most impressed by?

I feel the audience will be most impressed by Jair Roberson (The Cat in the Hat). His character pops up all over the place. He’s the narrator of the show. He adds mischief and fun to show. He’s an amazing singer so that really adds to it as well.

What do you want your next steps in theater to be?

I don’t really know yet. I’m going on to college (Penn State). I might want to take a theater history class or a theater class in general. I might see if I have time to participate in any shows. But performance wise I’m thinking of taking a tap dancing class, I enjoy that.


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