Getting to Know Some Seussical Cast Members

Hammond Theatre’s production of Seussical is happening on March 6th, March 7th and March 8th. The Bear Press sat down with several different characters in the musical for a brief interview to learn about the musical and the characters in it.

Michael Weiss, Yertle the Turtle

How does it feel to be performing, especially in the climactic courtroom scene, of Seussical? 

It’s a pretty good feeling. I like being able to sentence Jack (Horton) to prison for life and boiling all the Whos. It gives a lot of power, I feel.

What has the Seussical experience taught you? 

It’s taught me the corruption of the courts and how bad the judicial system is.

Kevin Aranyi, General Schmitz

What’s your favorite character?

Logan Mitchell (Vlad Vladikoff). He just brings so much energy to the show.

Han Wagner, Wickersham Brother

What have you learned from your character?

Never take things for granted that you don’t know, because you could always make a discovery later.

Nick Zuelsdorf, Wickersham Brother

What’s your favorite part about Seussical?

My favorite part is being really active and getting to know all the new people. Especially the Bird Girls, because they are really cool and I didn’t really know anything about them. So just getting to know new people and being active.

Jasmine Phillips, Sour Kangaroo

How do you identify with your character?

I identity very well with her. She’s very sassy and she’s like a black woman, even though I’m a black woman. She’s the other of half of me, like my alter ego.

Jadon Sokoll-Ward, The Grinch

How are you and your character similar?

He’s super mischievous. As a Jadon I’m a mischievous fellow. I always like to play pranks and the Grinch is very like me in that way. Also we both have greenish skin.

(All photo credits: Grace Brune)


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