An Interview with Seussical’s Jack Buzard

(Photo Credit: Grace Brune)

Hammond Theatre’s production of Seussical is happening on March 6th, March 7th and March 8th. The Bear Press sat down with sophomore Jack Buzard, who will be playing Horton in the production, to discuss the musical and his role in it.

How do you feel you are similar and different to your character? 

Horton is a very genuine character and I feel like I’m very nice and genuine character as well. Horton always look in the good of people but I tend to look at the negative side of things, so that’s how I’m different.

What is your favorite song and character?

I really like “Having a Hunch”. They have a really cool set design for it. The characters’ costumes are really cool because it’s a black light. You only see really lit up blue hands, it’s really cool. I really like Gertrude. She’s my favorite because she’s so awkward and her songs are always so good. Brigid plays an amazing Gertrude.

What do you want the audience to go away with when they see the show?

I want them just to just enjoy it and have such a great time that they want to keep on coming back and seeing more shows. It’s an honor doing this theater program and it’s just a great thing to share theater with everyone.

What have you learned from the Seussical experience?

I’ve learned a lot. I learned that you have to be responsible for your actions and everything you do. You need to work on your songs by yourself and with other people, because that is the most important thing. And you need to be on your game.

What has been it been like getting to know and working with your fellow cast members?

It’s been great. I love everyone in the cast. Everyone is so amazing and everyone is so nice. We all just formed a great family together. Me, my friends Jessica, Nick and Jair and all these people. We just love each other so much and we’re definitely gonna be hanging out after the show.


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