An Interview with Seussical’s Jair Roberson


(Photo Credit: Grace Brune)

Hammond Theatre’s production of Seussical is happening on March 6th, March 7th and March 8th. The Bear Press sat down with senior Jair Roberson, who will be playing The Cat in the Hat in the production, to discuss the musical and his role in it.

How would you describe the concept of Seussical to the audience?

It’s a very fun concept. It’s an exciting show with a lot of different things happening and it’s a culmination of fun. But then it also has some creepy aspects, so it’s a very diverse show with all our songs and characters. It’s very family friendly, I think people of all ages will really enjoy the show. 

How have you tried to get yourself into the world of Seuss?

One thing that I did was read The Cat in the Hat book over and over again. I watched some of the movies that were based off of Seuss books, like Horton Hears a Who to see how everyone goes together and reflect on my character and see what his thought process is and everything and getting some of the movements down as well.

What’s your favorite song and scene?

My favorite song and scene is “Chasing the Whos” which leads into “How Lucky You Are”. It’s super fun because it has the entire cast. It’s where the clover is taken from Horton and the Whos are all a mess and the Jungle Creatures are going wild. It’s just a really exciting, high energy scene.

What do you want your next steps in theater to be after this?

Well I’m doing Dramastics (Hammond’s improv group) for the Hammond High Theatre Department in the spring. And then in college I’m hoping to be involved in some theater productions as well.

What do you want the audience to leave with at the end of the night after seeing the show?

I want the audience to be so satisfied, but also want more and want to come our next show the next evening and to really talk it up and be like “Wow, this is the best production Hammond has ever put on”. So I’m really just hoping they just feel satisfied, content and proud of us.


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