Everything You Need to Know About Blamo


“When prom shoe shopping, don’t let your game down.” Credit: Megan Murray

By Nicolette Brookman and Jordan Katz


Blamo is a yearly tradition that any student involved in the play or the musical, including actors, tech crew, pit band, etc., can participate in. This year, the game started on Monday, March 16th with over a hundred students. Now, there are 10 people left.

Originally, the students were divided into six teams with different colored spoons: pink, yellow, teal, green, purple, and black, although the black team consisted of only senior Jadon Sokoll-Ward. Each team was captained by two seniors.

Each student was given a spoon of their team’s color. To stay in the game, the students must keep their spoons in their hands, in their mouths, between their toes, or balanced on their nose. It does not count to tape a spoon to your body, have it in a bag or pocket, etc., and it must be visible. A player can not get out when the spoon is knocked out of his or her hand or forcibly taken by anyone, even someone who is not playing. When a person is caught without their spoon, another player can tap them with their own spoon and yell, “Blamo!” in order to get them out.

Truces are allowed in the classes of teachers who do not permit the game and for events such as Culture Fest and the Dramastics performance. Disputes about whether or not a person is out are handled by the seniors. If a player’s spoon breaks, they can either tape their original spoon back together or replace it with a regular plastic spoon before another student can get him or her out.

Blamo is always organized by a senior. This year it’s Olivia Kuykendall. “It’s fun running Blamo. I love watching the competitive attitude people adopted from the game,” she said about her experience.

Kuykendall added that she enjoys the “unification of the teams and when people get clever trying to get others out.”


Initially, students could not be gotten out by members of their own team, but a free-for-all began March 26th, when only 30 students were left.

At the end of Spring Break, the game got a little more interesting and a lot more challenging due to a new rule: as of April 8th, players could only hold their spoons in their right hands. Only 20 students were left by the end of the day.

Currently there are 10 students left:

Freshmen: Emma Schreier

Sophomores: Renee Lindenmann, Michael Weiss

Juniors: Flora Aubin, Bryan Hwang, Nicolette Brookman, Nate Palmer, Krupa Patel

Seniors: Natalie Keepers, Logan Mitchell


“It’s really exciting that we’re so close to the top 10. I was the first one out my freshman year, so I’m surprised that I’ve been doing so well the past two years. I was in the top 4 last year. If I were to advise another person about how to stay in, I’d say that the most important thing is never letting your guard down,” said junior Nicolette Brookman.


A big part of the fun of Blamo is not only staying alive, but getting other people out. Conversely, getting out is the worst part of Blamo. It means you’ve lost. People’s stories of getting out or getting other people out ranges from the mundane to the hilarious.

Senior Jadon Sokoll-Ward was eliminated by sophomore Jack Buzard. Buzard gave his account of what happened. “Me, Hayley [Skaggs] and Nick [Zuelsdorf] walked over to Jadon’s house because we were in the neighborhood. His mom answered the door and invited us in. We walked up to his room and realized that he was sleeping. I walked in and woke his up and whispered in his ear ‘Blamo you are out baby.'”

Freshman Hanaa Omran got out another freshman, Caitlin Pettengill. Omran surprised Pettengill at her house during dinner. Pettengill tried to convince her that it didn’t count, but “Blamo has no mercy.”


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