#Arjun4SMOB: The Story Behind Hammond’s Candidate

Arjun Sharma answering questions as part of the SMOB video. (Credit: Patrick Mikulis)

By Kavitha Brunner

Class of 2016’s junior year class president, co-vice president of the Student Government Association, member of the National Honors’ Society, Howard County Horizon Council representative, Hugh O’Brien Youth Ambassador, captain of the tennis team, and Honor Roll student Arjun Sharma is at it again as he inches closer to obtaining the prestigious position as the 2015-2016 Student Member of the Board of Education (SMOB).

It all started in February when Arjun decided to apply for the position. Arjun decided to run for SMOB because he wanted to be in a place where he could serve a larger community. Says Arjun, “By being the SMOB, I feel as though I would be given a great opportunity to impact the lives of people all across the county.”

After receiving a phone call letting him know that his application had been taken into consideration for the position, Arjun went through a series of interviews with members of the Board of Education and displayed enough academic valor to be able to reserve a spot for himself as a finalist.

Arjun’s opponent this year is Rachel Lin from Howard High School. Ignoring the fact that Arjun is a friend and classmate to a myriad of students here at Hammond, Arjun feels that we should vote for him instead of Lin because of his dedication to the position. “I feel as though I am genuinely committed to the SMOB policy and care about what the students want,” says Arjun. “Everyone should vote for me because I’m experienced, committed, and passionate!”

Patrick Mikulis, the current SMOB, has already put the Howard County wellness policy on the agenda for next year, which Arjun says will be a large part of his focus for next year. Arjun plans to interact with students from all schools in order to get their opinion on matters that would directly affect them.

Arjun is slightly nervous about the upcoming April 22 election, but shrugs it off as he notes that “either of us would make a wonderful SMOB.” In the end, it all comes down to the decision of Howard County students that will be made next Wednesday.

By now it is inevitable that you have seen at least one poster advocating for Arjun around Hammond. He has also placed posters in some middle and all high schools around the county. Arjun interacts with students at various schools and at special events. Ms. Leonard, his parents, numerous teachers, and his friends have all been huge helps in Arjun’s campaign.


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