Getting to know the Mr. HHS Contestants: Part 3

Kyle “All Style” Robey and Olivia “You Can’t Pronounce It” Kuykendall



How did you come up with your name?

I am just the most styled person at Hammond so when I say Kyle “All Style” you know it’s a 100% fact I am in fact all style.

What were you inspirations for your skits?

I love the works of Pavarotti, Stanislavsky, Freddie Mercury, Robert Plant. All the great playwrights and singers, I feel I’ve been reincarnated as the best version of all of them.

Why do you think you’ll win?

As I’ve said, I’m all style, and everyone is going to say “wow he’s got so much style, he deserves to be Mr. HHS”.

How will Olivia be helping you?

Our good looks compliment each other very well, we both have large butts and very pale skin, so I feel we have the perfect dynamic going on.


Why did you choose to say yes to Kyle?

He didn’t have an escort at the time, and we both wanted to do it anyway.  The musical had just ended around the time when people were thinking about who they wanted to be with.  Kyle and I were just [ready].

What do you think is unique about Kyle’s presentation?

I think his talent is unique.  A lot of people are doing dancing things, and he’s doing something different.

Who do you think is your stiffest competition?

I think John Lowe’s the biggest competition because a lot of his skits are very funny and he’s in general a very charismatic person.

Why should people come to see Mr. HHS on Thursday?

It’s going to be pretty funny.  The emcees are really funny and the skits…I like them a lot.  I think people will enjoy it if they come.  It’s definitely worth the $5 or $8 they choose to spend.

Dale “and his big pail” Allen and Ellen “Julio Ricardo Montoya de la Rosa Ramirez” Barrios



How did you choose your name? 

I came up with my name by myself, and my friend David Hricko. We just say in his basement looking at stuff and then we thought this one was funny so we used that name.

Why do you think you will win? 

We are going to win because we are already the cutest couple at Hammond,  and we are bound to be the funniest couple at Hammond, it’s already known.

Who do you think will be your stiffest competition? 

Ben Whong and Kyle Robey. Ben’s really prepared and he’s out to get it and Kyle is just a theatre kid and he knows what he’s doing.

Why should someone see Mr. HHS?

You should come see it because it’s going to be pretty funny, it’s going to be a good show. We have a lot in store.


How did you come up with your name?

I’m Hispanic so I wanted to make fun of myself.

Why do you think you’ll win?

Because we’re funny and the best people on the stage. We will be the winners so there’s nothing much to say.

Who do you think will be your stiffest competition? 

Ben Whong, because his skits are well thought out.

Why should someone see Mr. HHS?

Just to laugh at all of us and to see us dance and make a fool of ourselves. They’ll think it’s funny.

Tyler “I know you want Zamora me” and “Jazz Man” Thomas


How did you come up with your name?

I’m a stud and I know everyone wants Zamora of this.

What are some of your inspirations for your skits?

I’d like to thank and Mr. Bo Burnham. Those are my two inspirations.

Why do you think you’re going win tonight?

Because people want more of me. They want more. So if I win, they’ll get more. I think I deserve it.

How will your escort help you tonight?

She’ll be a pretty essential piece of  the puzzle. A part of the strategy, the chessboard, the game. She’s the queen and I’m like the king. She can maneuver anywhere but she needs me to survive.


Why do you think you’ll win tonight?

Because we’re the best, duh.

Who do you think will be your stiffest competition?

Ben. Because he has some really good skits.

How did become Tyler’s escort?

I didn’t have anyone else I was escorting. We both decided “Hey, you don’t have an escort, I don’t have someone to escort”.

Why should someone see Mr. HHS?

Because it’s for a great cause, our senior night. It’s hilarious, lots of laugh. It’ll be a good time.


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