Hammond’s GreenFest Is Tomorrow!

By Nazily Zaza

Hammond’s GreenFest (being held tomorrow from 10:00 AM – 2 PM), run by Hammond’s Green Team, is an environmental celebration aimed at giving people exposure and education about the effects we have on environment and how we can treat it better.  The festival holds workshops where students can learn about recycling, beekeeping, and education on other alternate energy sources.  A wide display of animals like bees and various reptiles are even scheduled to be on display during the event!

Hammond will hold the GreenFest, which will host workshops by Home Depot for the kids. Not only does the event help to educate people, the Green Team is also holding a collection for old pairs of shoes to be donated to Soles4Souls and collecting old markers that are surprisingly going to be turned into rocket fuel!

Patuxent Valley Middle School students will also be at the event to encourage the use of recyclable bags and collect plastic bags to recycle. The head coordinator of the festival, Mrs. DuPuis, talked about the other great things going to be featured at the event. “Hammond Dramastics will be performing an environmental themed improvisation at 10:30, and there are going to be many workshops for the kids to enjoy.”

One of the volunteers, Izzy Perez, a junior, is really looking forward to the event.  She said, “I’m really excited because the whole thing sounds really cool and there are going to be animals there which I really wanna pet!” Izzy also commented, “I’m looking forward to what new things I’m going to learn there along with helping out throughout the day.”

According to Mrs. DuPuis, “Prizes including a bike helmet, and tickets to the aquarium will be available to win during the event, so it truly is a great way to have fun and learn about protecting and preserving the environment.” There will be Chick Fil-A in the cafeteria for purchase, and for each sandwich purchased $1 will go to support the Green Team!  Don’t be afraid to come out tomorrow and celebrate the meaning of green at Hammond’s GreenFest from 10-2!


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