Does Music Affect the Way We Act?

By Olu Adebiyi

Photo on 4-27-15 at 12.04 PM #3

Junior Nicolette Brookman listening to music on her iPod.

Regardless of one’s taste in music, whether it’s Chief Keef, Katy Perry, Green Day, or Blake Shelton, music is a part of our lives, and it contributes to our daily behavior. People may not attribute the lyrics they hear to be their inspiration to live life like YOLO, and they may not suspect that their least favorite song makes them actually dislike Fridays.

There are many students in today’s generation that behave a certain way because of the artists they listen to. According to the American Association of Pediatrics, “Adolescents who listen to heavy metal music have a greater propensity for substance abuse and other risky behaviors during adolescence.”

It’s possible that many hormonal high-schoolers in the 90’s got into scuffles and arguments because of the aggressive energy of LL Cool J’s hit song “Knock You Out.” Similarly, “Drill Music” can affect the energy and attitudes of today’s youth.

Violence is not the only behavior music can lead to. Listening to “A Thousand Miles” probably won’t help cheer up someone who is tired and having a bad day. Conversely, listening to “Hot Boy” definitely won’t help calm down someone who is bursting with energy. These songs would intensify these moods.

When asked if he believes that music affects the way people act, junior Ahmad Robinson replied, “Yes. For example, faster-paced music can raise levels of adrenaline and cause a person to do dumb things!” Junior Mosis Sistos disagrees, “No, because it’s just music!” While opinions on this question can differ, the people most open to new ideas may just be the ones who are most susceptible to the influence of music on their behavior.

No matter what genre, it’s likely that music has an effect on people. So the next time you listen to heavy metal, gangster rap, country, or blues, observe what you’re doing. It’s likely that your behavior is directly correlated with your music.


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