Letter from the Seniors: Dear 2018

freshmen 1

As the class of 2015’s time winds down at Hammond, we’d like to pass down some wisdom and feedback to the other classes that’ll be at Hammond for the future. Today we have our letter to next year’s sophomores, the class of 2018.

Dear 2018,

Now you can complain about the incoming freshman instead of people complaining about you.

You will look back as you get older and say “Was I that annoying, and was I really that small?”, and the answer to both of those questions is yes.

If you think your freshman workload was tough, stressful or tedious, it only gets worse from here. Some of you will be taking an AP class for the first time or find yourself agonizing over motifs in Osborne’s English class. It’ll get even worse your junior year but that’s two years away, so don’t worry about it for now.

Sophomore year is when spirit week starts to become important. Despite finishing third for the hallways, 2017 really put in a lot of effort and certainly impressed a lot of us, so you can do it too.

Every freshman class is pretty much clueless how to do spirit week because they have no experience with it. Your hallways look terrible, barely anyone dresses in the assorted outfits and attendance for battle of the classes is very sparse. This isn’t calling you guys out, as the exact same was true for 2016, 2017 and ourselves as freshmen.

Spirit week will be a bit of challenge for you guys due to the class color of black. We did the best we could for decorating the hallways and dressing creatively for class color day but black is a tough color compared to yellow and red.

If you’re doing a sport, theatre, dance or any of the other numerous clubs and activities, good. If you’re not, try to get more involved next year. It allows to become closer with people who are already your friends, and develop new relationships with people you didn’t previously know.

Additionally, more activities you participate in, the better you’ll look to colleges. You don’t really need to start seriously worrying about it until junior year, but the sooner you’re involved, the better.

Colleges are more likely to accept a student with a 4.00 weighted GPA that plays two sports and is in chamber choir, compared to a student with a 4.50 weighted GPA but does nothing outside of the classroom. College doesn’t really become a reality until your junior year but just know that they like well-rounded kids.

You’ve still got three years left, but they go by a lot quicker than you would expect.


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