The Staff Class of 2015: Ms. Voland (Bear Press Series)


Sophomore Caroleen Anderson and junior Olu Adebiyi with Ms. Volland, who’s retiring at the end of this year!

All this week, The Bear Press will be unveiling exclusive interviews with all of this year’s retiring teachers.  In a way, we consider these teachers The Staff Class of 2015!  We’ll have the details about what they’ll miss, what they’ll remember, and what they’ll be doing after retirement.  This interview is with Hammond Cafeteria Manager Barbara Voland!

By Olu Adebiyi and Caroleen Anderson

Ms. Volland, one of our dedicated lunchroom staff members and Hammond’s Cafeteria Manager, will be retiring at the end of this school. She has been catering for HCPSS for thirty-three years, spending fourteen years at Hammond. As the manager of lunchroom staff, she really affects the outcome of the food we enjoy, and a lot of the blame is on her if something goes wrong. Handling that pressure is a key reason why Hammond will definitely miss Ms. Volland.

She has had a long, and fruitful career, skipping around various schools. Throughout her time working for Howard County she has worked with numerous co-workers who she says she “loves, and will miss the most in retirement.” Her co-workers Ms. Vagnier and Ms. Sherry will also miss her “sweet and caring personality.”

Volland enjoyed her job, but empathized the challenging aspects of it. “Everything has to be done at a certain time,” she explained to The Bear Press. As Cafeteria Manager, there isn’t much room for error between the preparation of food and its serving to Hammond Golden Bears.

Volland began her career as a lunchroom server at Wilde Lake High School, where she stayed for two years. Then, she furthered her career at Ellicott Mills for another two years as server. Soon enough, she became a manager at Waterloo Elementary for five years, then at Patuxent Valley Middle School for seven. Finally she reached Hammond, where she’s stayed for fourteen years as a reliable part of our cafeteria.

Volland plans to relax for her first few years, then travel around the country visiting our country’s national parks! The students and staff at Hammond High appreciate all the work Volland has done for us, and will miss her dearly as she retires. We at The Bear Press wish her good luck and lots of fun as she moves on to this new chapter in her life.

If you have memories of a teacher who will be retiring next year, make sure to tag us on Twitter (@hhsbearpress) with the hashtag #HaHSTeachers!  We’ll have interviews with more retirees, including Ms. Mutolo, Ms. Mooney, and Ms. Harryman, soon in our Staff Class of 2015 series!


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