#HaHSFirstDay – 2015-2016


Maryland Lieutenant Governor Boyd Rutherford (center) is joined (l-r) by seniors Michael Baker and Zach Sager, County Executive Allan Kittleman and Board of Education Chair Janet Siddiqui (in back), and Principal Marcy Leonard.  Credit: Governor’s Office

By Kevin Baker

Lieutenant Governor Boyd Rutherford, County Executive Allan Kittleman, HCPSS Superintendent Renee Foose, and Board of Education Chair Janet Siddiqui visited Hammond today to mark the first day of school and the beginning of the year for Hammond Golden Bears.  They toured around the school with the help of seniors Zach Sager, Cheyenne McGlothin, Michael Baker, Arjun Sharma, and Bahar Lakeh.

McGlothin had multiple reasons to be excited today.  As a senior, the first day of school marks the start of her final year in high school and the chance to make important decisions about her future.  “My last first day of school was bittersweet, but it was definitely a great start to the year.  I’m excited about all of my classes, especially Intern/Mentor, in which I get to mentor for the one and only Ms. Leonard.”  McGlothin will definitely be working hard with three APs on her schedule this year, in addition to her internship.


Lieutenant Governor Rutherford and Ms. Leonard greet each other outside Hammond. Credit: Governor’s Office

To Lieutenant Governor Rutherford, this visit was especially important.  “The Lieutenant Governor doesn’t just go to any school.  He called last week and said he wanted to go to Hammond,” explained Dr. Foose.  A former Golden Bear parent (Rutherford’s three daughters went to Hammond), Rutherford’s roots are deep in the Hammond community.  In an interview with WBAL, Rutherford commented that ““Being [at Hammond] in particular, since this was the school where my kids went, it reminds me of those times of sending them off to school or coming up here being here in this very auditorium for assemblies.”


The assembled group inside Hammond’s auditorium before the Senior Assembly. Credit: Governor’s Office

In an address to seniors at Hammond, Rutherford said “Hammond High School is the best high school in the state of Maryland!” to raucous applause from students, including Arjun.  Arjun said that he “felt honored to help [the officials] tour around the school today.”  McGlothin agreed.  “It was a great opportunity to lead around such successful people.  Talking with them was very inspiring, and it was cool to see that they were still very down to earth.”  Lakeh added, “They are very respected all over Maryland, so being chosen to accompany them around our school was amazing.”  And, Sager said it gave him comfort to see public officials touring Hammond.  “It shows they care about the students of Hammond and Howard County.  I’m glad that our policymakers place education at the forefront of their agendas.”


Ms. Holly’s first period class was one of the stops on the tour of Hammond. Credit: Governor’s Office

Freshmen such as Andrew Dworski also had an exciting day – their first in high school.  “It was different,” explained Dworski to The Bear Press.  “It’s a huge jump, [but I think] I can handle it.”  Sarah Hitman, also a freshman, endorsed Dworski’s
comments.  “My first day was a lot of fun, but it was definitely much different from middle school.  It was definitely much more challenging.”

In touring around the school, the visiting officials saw the best that Hammond had to offer.  Stopping in Ms. O’Connor’s
Yearbook class and Ms. Holly’s first period, everyone stressed the importance of ensuring your future while still in free education.  As Ms. Leonard explained at today’s assemblies, “Good Job, Great Life!”


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