Poll Results: Best Dressed for Cartoon Day

By: Nicolette Brookman

@NicoletteLB22 on Twitter

First Place: Sebastian McMillan

Embedded image permalink

Sebastian dressed up as Doodlebob, and senior Hannah Feldstein was his pencil.
Photo Credit: Hannah Feldstein

Second Place: Eyosias Abiy, Tulsi Bhatt, Kha Ngo, Valerie Quintanilla, Michael Rees, and Ellie Ugot

Displaying Screenshot_2015-10-07-23-17-29_1.jpg

This group of seniors dressed up as characters from the television show Avatar. Very well done! Photo Credit: Kha Ngo

Third Place: David Rafael

Displaying Snapchat-2981237690379918970_1.jpg

David (far right) as Baljeet from Phineas and Ferb poses with Spiderman, Velma from Scooby Doo, and Arnold from Hey Arnold!


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