Spirit Week Safety: Anna and Elsa’s U-No-Sick Tips

By: David McKay


One of the easiest ways to get sick is to brave the winter elements without proper winter attire. Anna should be wearing a hat and a scarf! Photo Credit: moviepilot.com

Happy Cartoon Day, boys and girls! Princess Anna and Queen Elsa of Arendelle at your service! It’s very good to be here on this festive week, but now here’s something crazy for you. Elsa and I are not just here for the crazy costumes and the laughs that come with them.

We’re here to hand out some small advice that can help you in a mountain-high manner – protections against disease this season. No one likes getting sick and that is why my sister and I have agreed to provide a few tips on facing the diseases of my favorite feeling; the cold! Let’s begin now.

Tip #1: Most Common Viruses

The most common viruses winter can throw at you are the flu, pneumonia, other lung issues, and of course, the common cold. They aren’t uncommon, but I’ve heard from the trolls that pneumonia can kill, so watch out!

Tip #2: Contact From the Air

The easiest way to catch a winter illness is from other people whether that be through physical contact or through the air, and I mean any air! To avoid airborne illness, one should cover their nose and mouth during a cough or sneeze using the crook of their elbow. Washing hands is probably the best way to stop germs before they can enter the body. And one must be hygienic and mannerful with a queen like me, you know!

Tip #3: Contact By Food

Another way you can get sick is through food. To avoid it, you must eat food that is properly prepared and at the proper temperature. Hand washing is also important, but above all, never eat something that is left out for a long time! Believe me, I know. Left-out sandwiches make me queasy just looking at ‘em!

Tip #4: Illness Transmission

I’ve heard some illnesses like the common cold and the flu can be caught from others who are already sick, but I wonder: How does one recognize a transmittable sickness like the flu? The best way to spot it is if one has a fever for three days or more, if they cough much, or have persistent aches. If such symptoms are there, don’t let the storm of sickness rage on! Check with a doctor as quickly as possible!

Tip #5: Warm Food and Drink

If you’ve ever had a cold or some other winter illness, then you’d have probably had warm food and drinks. Are they cures for the cold? No way! Warm food and drink won’t cure the common cold, but they will fight the symptoms. A stuffy nose or sore throat have to go away on their own, but warm food and drinks will help.

Tip #6: To Spot A Fever

Most winter illnesses are easily noticed if one has a fever, but how does one recognize a fever? The simplest way to find out is to use a thermometer, but if you don’t have a thermometer, feel the person’s forehead and cheeks with the back of your hand. If the temperature is 97.1-98.6, then they’re OK. If it’s 99.1-100.0+, fever alert!

Tip #7: A Developing Sickness

A illness is just a illness and it can’t get any worse, right? Wrong! A common cold can develop into something stronger if left untreated. It could turn into an eye infection, ear infection, something called bronchitis, and even pneumonia. So if you get sick, don’t take any chances! I do that more often than I should.

Tip #8: Chicken Pox in Winter

I bet you’re wondering, If the cold and flu are common illnesses in autumn or winter, what about chicken pox? If you think so, let it go. Chicken pox isn’t a common seasonal sickness, but the vaccine for it is required for everyone. I know the vaccine will be uncomfortable, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Tip #9: The Flu

Everyone knows how avoid a cold, but few know how to avoid the flu. The flu is communicable, and its symptoms are pretty similar to the common cold, but there’s one big difference; the flu can be treated by that thing called a vaccine that will stop it from growing in you, but once caught it’s best to get plenty of rest, so the best time to get it is now. I know you’d say the needle will hurt, but it’s not a bad as a frozen heart!

Tip #10: Cold Weather and the Common Cold

You’re probably thinking that if you have a cold, being outside in cold weather will only make it stronger. Well, don’t worry. It’s not magic. There is no evidence to prove that being out in the cold will strengthen a cold, but it will make your symptoms appear worse than they really are. But other than that, you’re cool. Get it?

Well, there it is, friends! You’ve heard from Elsa and me the top ten tips to avoid getting sick this coming winter. And last, but not least, the final basics to avoid illness; dress warmly in cold weather, eat and drink warm if you do get sick, keep hygiene running high, and of course, get plenty of bed rest! It’s the best cure there is!

Thank you for reading this article and please, do your job to protect yourself and others from whatever illnesses may lurk in the coming season. Anna and I hope to see some of you real soon!


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