Hammond Hallways Results – Dissected!

By Kevin Baker

The Pep Rally has ended and the results have been announced, but how did the judges come to a decision?  We have some exclusive interviews with the judges and their opinions on every hallway in the running!


Ms. Simpson while judging was “looking for creativity.  The bigger you go, the better!”  While Ms. Tsavaris agreed with that, she said that she was “looking for a wow factor, one that says ‘Wow, they’ve really spent a lot of time.  It’s coherent, and it really represents their theme well.’”

Ms. Barlow stuck closely to “the grading rubric with creativity, best attention to the theme, and best use of color. I think the most important part of the hallway is to have the class work together and have all students with all their different talents be able to showcase those talents.”

Ms. Bonner felt like she got to know many of the students who worked on the hallways while she was judging.  “I think the personal touches make [a hallway] unique.  Like I said, in the senior hallway, they had their names attached in the hallway, so personalization [is great].”



The seniors made a candy wonderland in their hallway! Credit: Mrs. Radhe

Ms. Niland marveled at the seniors’ hallway and “the ingenuity they have” in the construction of their various technical elements.  The pressure plate, spinning lollipops, and more seemed to sway them in hallway selection.  In addition, Ms. Niland cited “the combination of different things” as a huge part of her decision-making when it came to hallways.

Ms. Jones, on the other hand, based her vote largely on atmosphere.  “When I walk down [the senior hallway], it’s a happy place.  That’s how I describe it.”  The atmosphere of the senior hallway, with its candy-themed accessories and ingenious use of technology, put a smile on Ms. Jones’ face.  “It’s happy, enlightening.”

Ms. Tobiason was excited to be a judge for the first time this year because it “[forced] me to get involved.  I was very impressed with the engineering aspect of the seniors’ hallway.  I feel like people have been very all-inclusive.  The seniors had all the names of everybody on the sign.  They said ‘We Are Family.’  I think that’s the point of this week.”  She said that that factored into her decision “because it’s a thematic element, but there are specific categories, so I’m going to have to review those categories.”  Ms. Bonner agreed with Ms. Tobiason, saying “I did like in the senior hallway how they used their names on the board; that was great.”

Ms. Tsavaris appreciated the organization of each hallway, saying that “I think some of the props the students are using [are highlights].  They’re really incorporating technology…especially the seniors, who are using digital media.  I’m noticing the dragon [in the junior hallway].  There are a lot of props that are adding to the theme and making it more exciting!

Ms. Bonner enjoyed getting a chance to see all of the hard work representing Golden Bears!  “First off, just to see everything decorated was just fun in general.  But, when I had to specifically judge for the categories and critique it, I just go for more color.  So, the senior hallway is very colorful and it was bright and it was cheery.  To see that first thing in the morning…it was [great].”

Ms. Bonner “In the junior hallway, I thought everyone did a great job as well.  So, looking at the hallways, just the creativity I think, that plays a major part in the whole design.”



The juniors turned their hallway into a dungeon, enchantment room, and more!

Ms. Tobiason looked at the junior hallway from a technical standpoint.  “Both the color and the florescent lights and the strand lights – there is an advantage with having red – that yellow doesn’t change quite as much.  I like the music also.  That definitely gives a mood that I didn’t quite get as much at the senior hallway.  I feel like it’s a full sensory experience.”

Ms. Barlow was amazed at the level of competition between the seniors and the juniors, especially in the categories being judged today.  “The seniors showed great creativity, and the juniors…oh my goodness!  Great use of color and also creativity here too.”



The freshmen delivered on their first chance with a Spirit Week hallway! Credit: Hammond High School

Ms. Barlow was cheering on the freshmen in her interview with The Bear Press.  “I’m really impressed with the freshmen.  It’s really rewarding to see how much work they put into it, and it looks really nice.  It is their first time!”


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