An Interview with Arsenic and Old Lace’s Zach Sager


Photo Credit: Hammond Theatre

This Thursday, Hammond will be premiering the Theatre Department’s production of Arsenic and Old Lace, a play by Joseph Kesselring. The Bear Press‘ Nicolette Brookman sat down with senior Zach Sager, the chief lighting designer for this production.


Try to summarize Arsenic in one sentence (without spoilers)!

Arsenic and Old Lace is a comedy thriller with twists and turns you won’t believe!

How did you approach the lighting design for this production?  What were your influences?

I took the lighting design very realistically for this show. I used a couple examples of art from the 1920s and the early 1900s as well as some photos from during that time period to really best match the style of the house that the Brewsters live in.

What is your favorite scene in the production?

Definitely when Teddy is coming up from the basement and all the lights are out in the house.

What is the one thing you want audiences to leave with after the show?

Hopefully the audience will take something away that’s a little bit bigger than the show – a realization that not everything is as it appears. Hopefully, they’ll get a little bit of something out of it that will change how they interact everyday.

It’s your senior year.  What experiences from Hammond Theatre will you take with you, and what theatre experiences do you hope to pursue in the future?

I’m really glad that Hammond has the opportunity to give all of our students a full-fledged ability to design, act or really pursue whatever they want without an overpowering adult. Hammond’s a great place to allow students to fully realize their potential. In the future, I’m hoping to study theatrical design, and specifically lighting design,  as a major in college. I’m in the middle of applications for that.


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