An Interview with Arsenic and Old Lace’s Nick Zuelsdorf


Photo Credit: Nick Zuelsdorf

Tonight is the second performance of the Hammond Theatre Department’s production of Arsenic and Old Lace, a play by Joseph Kesselring. The Bear Press’ Nicolette Brookman sat down with junior Nick Zuelsdorf, who plays Mortimer Brewster.

Describe Mortimer Brewster in one sentence.

Mortimer Brewster is very uptight.

Mortimer gets into a lot of scrapes throughout the play.  How did you go through the process of varying your reactions to the increasing amounts of craziness?

Mortimer has a lot of reactions in the play, so it was really fun to get a chance to show how excited I was here and how scared I was here… It was just a really good variety.

What’s your laugh-out-loud moment from the play (without spoiling the action)?

Probably the whole scene with Mortimer being tied up and the interaction between him and Einstein. It’s funny.

What do you want audiences to leave with after the show?

One: Don’t go into strangers’ houses if you don’t know who they are. Second, show trust your family.

This is only your second Hammond Theatre production.  What has Theatre given you over the course of your time at Hammond?

Honestly, doing my first production in Seussical was a big eye-opener. It’s really fun. I love music, obviously. Then I thought [that] if I could expand my variety by going into just plays, that could also help me [with] performing in general. It’s helped me a lot, with everything [having to do with] performing.


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