A Frozen Christmas: Anna, Elsa, and Olaf at Christmastime


Queen Elsa and Princess Anna are ready to share their Christmas tips for the students of Hammond High! Photo Credit: Pinterest

By: David McKay

Happy holidays, everyone! It’s us, Princess Anna and Queen Elsa, and just in time for the holiday season. But this time, we have a special guest in the article. He’s a jolly, happy soul with a constant laugh and a warm heart. He’s our favorite frosty friend. He’s Olaf the Snowman!

Now that we’re here, we must explain this article’s purpose. Anna and I are planning to spread the spirit of the season, and anyone is invited to read! Plus, Olaf has courteously agreed to help us explain the best ways of bringing joy this time of year. Let’s begin now.


Anna’s 1st Christmas Tip: Friendship

When it comes to Christmas, it pays to have an open heart. When I met Olaf, we became friends right away. He stuck by me on my quest to find Elsa and kept me warm when Elsa accidentally froze my heart. Friendship is often displayed at Christmastime by sending cards, giving gifts, and especially by helping to get things prepared. If you stick by your friends, your friends stick by you like snow on fuzzy mittens!


Elsa’s 2nd Christmas Tip: Charity

I don’t suppose many among you know of the true meaning of Christmas. Many think that Christmas is a time for getting, but there’s more to Christmas than gifts and decor. Giving at Christmas is more wonderful because you make someone happy, and you feel happy too. Giving to those who have nothing is even greater because you are helping those who have need it most. You can see what giving did for my people, my kingdom, and my sister.


Olaf’s 3rd Christmas Tip: Staying Warm

I may not know much about Christmas, but there is one thing about it that we all know is important: staying warm! One has to bundle up in cold weather and keep by the fire when inside. Also, be sure to wrap any reindeer you have in blankets and keep any indoor snowmen away from the fire. And I hear you should take a thing called…Vita-Men Sea, I think.


Anna’s 4th Christmas Tip: The Gift of Laughter

One thing about Christmas that many people don’t acknowledge is laughter. Christmas is a time to forget pain and sorrow and replace it with joy and pleasure. And the best way to feel joy is to have something to laugh about. In fact, I’ll give you something to laugh about now!

Q: What does my sister Elsa sing at this time of year?

A: Let It Snow! Get it?


Olaf’s 5th Christmas Tip: Songs and Music

Now here’s something about Christmas I know a thing or two about: music! Songs at Christmas are the perfect way to lift one’s spirits, what with the jingle bells and dancing around the tree and all that. Plus, I’ve heard of a song called “Santa Clause Is Coming to Town”, but what town other than Air-In-Dell?


Elsa’s 6th Christmas Tip: Family Love

We’ve gone over a few good points for the holidays, but there is one point that is most important: family and love. When I was eight and Anna was five, we were separated so I could learn to control my ice magic. For 12 Christmases, we didn’t see each other, and I still feel ashamed of hiding from the sister who loved me. But now that Anna and I are patching things up, this Christmas is going to be the best we’ve had in thirteen years. Why? I just love my little sister is all.


Elsa’s right. Christmas is about family and giving love to everyone. Now Elsa can embrace her sister without fear and say, “I love you, Anna.” Photo Credit: Pinterest

So there you have it. You’ve received some holiday advice from Elsa, Olaf, and me. I hope you’ll take these tips to heart and remember what Christmas is really about and that giving makes people a lot happier than getting. When I saved Elsa from Hans, I gave her love and another chance and that made both of us happy. So keep up the good work, and have a merry Christmas!


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