An Interview with The Pajama Game’s Kevin Aranyi

By: Kevin Baker

@Kevin_B_Baker on Twitter

Hammond Theatre’s production of The Pajama Game performs tonight at 7 PM in the Hammond Auditorium!  We asked senior Kevin Aranyi, who plays Sleep-Tite’s resident “time study man” Vernon Hines, about the challenges and pleasures of The Pajama Game.  Make sure you come to the show, which closes tomorrow, March 5th!

The Bear Press: What character do you play, and how did you develop or relate to them?

Kevin Aranyi: I play Vernon Hines.  It was interesting developing him because I’m such a lazy person, and he’s more of an uptight person, so I feel like the first song really works with development [“The Pajama Game”] because it’s [me] running around and telling girls to hurry up.

BP: Which I know you do everyday anyways.

KA: (sarcastically) Yeah, you know!  It’s a day in the life of Kev.

BP: How does it feel to play drunk, and how did you find that?

KA: I love playing drunk!  Playing that is something that’s a lot of fun because I like playing disoriented characters when I’m doing improv, so it’s cool to be able to do an entire scene on stage and be really incoherent.  Especially having to throw knives, it’s pretty cool!

BP: Now, you do get to throw knives in the show!  How do you balance doing a trick on stage with also having to keep people in the story?

KA: With the knife throwing, it has to look real.  It requires an adept touch.  You’ve got to fake out the audience.  Fake them out.  I don’t really throw the knife, it’s just the swift motion.

BP: What’s your favorite moment or song in the show?

KA: For me, personally.  Probably for my character, my favorite moment is my song with [junior] Rhea [Bradley] because she’s just so talented and she’s so much fun to work with.  She just brings so much to the table, especially for something that’s comedic.  It’s fun for us to feed off each other’s energy, and she’s really fun to work with.

BP: What do you think is the message of The Pajama Game?

KA: Love conquers all, even in pajamas!


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