An Interview with The Pajama Game’s Nick Zuelsdorf

Hammond Theatre’s production of The Pajama Game performs tonight at 7 PM in the Hammond Auditorium!  We asked junior Nick Zuelsdorf, who plays Sleep-Tite supervisor Sid Sorokin in the show, about the challenges and pleasures of the production, which runs until tomorrow, March 5th!

The Bear Press: How would you describe your character?  How did you relate to Sid during the development process?

Nick Zuelsdorf: Sid is very different in different scenes.  For example, he’s really fun in one scene and he’s very firm and strict in the other scene.  I can relate to that because I can be serious when I want to be and then I can be goofy and funny when I choose to.

BP: You’re involved in a lot of different numbers.  How are the different experiences with the different members of the cast?  There are a lot of people that you interact with.

NZ: Yes.  All of my interactions with characters are very different.  With everybody in the ensemble, we all have relationships.  Even with unnamed characters, [we have a] little thing.  It’s really interesting to develop relationships with people that don’t have the biggest of parts.  No small roles!  Interacting with Prez [junior Jack Buzard’s character] and differentiating between Prez and Babe [junior Jessica Ramon’s character] is different, and it’s really fun to do that.

BP: Sid and Babe are the heroes of the story, so how does it feel to be a hero?

NZ: Oh gosh!

BP: I don’t know what the question would be.  I just want to hear about that.

NZ: It feels really good to play a role where I’m being one of the people who solves the problem.  It feels really good to develop the story more, so I’m really proud and happy and glad that I got this role.

BP: Yay!  What’s your favorite moment or song of the show and why?

NZ: Oh gosh.  I really like “Small Talk” because it’s really fun to play.  I also really like the scene where I’m dancing with [junior] Kira [Bennett], who plays Gladys, in “Hernando’s Hideaway” because we choreographed that by ourselves, and it’s really fun to do that scene with Kira.

BP: Lastly, what do you want the audience to take away from the show?  What do you the message of The Pajama Game is?

NZ: What I want the audience to leave with is [this]: You’re going to go through a lot of unnecessary things in life, but you have to conquer them, and then you can what you want, and that’s good.


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