Hammond Students Share their Experiences During Spring Break 2017

pittsburgh university 2pittsburgh university 1



Megan Mantsch

Visited Pittsburgh University

“The school campus was really pretty, I will probably attend.”




13 reasons why


Grace Powell

Watched 13 Reasons Why

“I love the show but I hate the fact that Hannah put the blame on Clay for leaving her in the room.”








Caitlin Pettengill

Went on the Hammond Europe trip

“My favorite part was watching the sheep
be herded and holding the baby lambs.”







Caleb McGuire

Went on the Hammond Europe trip

“My favorite part was holding the lamb.”






Raven Howardrevenge

Started Watching the TV Show Revenge

“I like the shows drama because the main character, Emily Thorn, dates a rich guy, only to get revenge on his family, while she actually likes a poor guy.  It’s just so good!”





Sam Mercedes

Watched “The Fate of the Furious”

“My favorite part of spring break was watching The Fate of the Furious because I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time. It made me feel like I could actually do the stunts shown in the movie.”








Alexis Kujawa

Visited her grandparents in Tennessee

“I went to Tennessee and saw a bear trying to get her cubs to cross the street!  It was so cool!”





















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