NFL Draft — Who Will the Ravens Choose?

Aaron Walton
Staff Writer

With the NFL Draft coming up, the Baltimore Ravens have a variety of needs for young talent in multiple areas, especially with Joe Flacco and most of their offence growing older. The Bear Press asked Hammond students what they thought the Ravens’ most significant needs were heading into draft day on Thursday, April 27th.

Marcus Sloan, a junior here at Hammond, said “They need to first round pick Deshaun Watson because they need to get rid of [Joe] Flacco.”

Sophomore Ramel Washington also said that the Ravens need a new quarterback, stating, “We need a new QB and offensive line.”  Many Baltimore fans have a love hate relationship with their offence over the years, especially after their second Super Bowl in 2012.

Corey Davis.jpg

Corey Davis had an amazing season last year at Central Michigan, and may be an ideal pick for the Ravens in the upcoming NFL season. Photo Credit: Sports Illustrated

Brian Johnson, a junior, said “ We need new cornerbacks because they’re starting to get old… also we need to pick up more wide receivers like that guy from Central Michigan (Corey Davis).”  

Corey Davis is a solid and outstanding playmaking receiver who had an amazing season last year at Central Michigan. He set the record for the most receiving touchdowns in a season and was named an All-American last year, taking the Broncos to a MAC championship.

The Ravens have been known to have a good defence over the years, but their corners are becoming old and sluggish, and last season’s teams were able to exploit that weakness. The wideouts are also in need of some new life with Steve Smith Sr. retiring. The only WR’s left in the lineup are deep threats, and Flacco will need a go-to possession receiver to win games.


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