American Horror Story: Which is the best season?

By Amanda Graves
Staff Writer

American Horror Story.png

Photo Credit: American Horror Story Wiki

Anybody else think the Roanoke season sucked? The concept was interesting, the reality show layout was new and fresh, but the plot did not deliver. American Horror Story, a popular drama show on FX, consists of six seasons that have continued to worsen over time. Characters like Jessica Lange leaving have left the show with empty, circular plots. Freak Show and Hotel, the two worst seasons, were overall disappointments from the previous three successful seasons. The first three seasons were the best, especially the third one, Coven.

The first season, Murder House, consisted of a small family moving to a haunted Los Angeles mansion. Asylum, the second season, was set in the 1950s. A woman was placed in an insane asylum, and the season follows her struggle of attempting to escape. The next season is Coven, which was the last good season of the show, and it consisted of young witches possessing different powers living together as they tried to determine when their next ruler, or Supreme, would arise. The first three seasons contained original story lines with in depth characters surprising plot twists. The plots were complex, but there was never unnecessary details that made the story confusing (except for the aliens in Asylum). The three following seasons did not meet the standard that the others seasons set.

AHS seasons 4, 5, and 6 garnered intense excitement that was met with sore disappointment when the episodes premiered. The plot ideas for the seasons could have garnered success, but the storylines were jumbled and confusing. Freak Show, season 4, was set in the 1940s at a circus. Overall, it was a flop. There were too many characters, random singing by Jessica Lange, and confusing events. Hotel, season 5, seemed promising because Lady Gaga was casted as one of the main characters. Unfortunately, most people could not even finish the season because the plot was choppy and the characters were not developed well. Fans began losing hope about the show, but people remained curious about season 6.

The advertisements for season 6 did not reveal the plot at all. This left fans constantly guessing and discussing the topic of the new season. The trailers included, aliens, babies, spiders, bugs, and bones, so there were multiple possible directions for the plot. Viewers were in shock when the show premiered and the characters seemed to be switching actors. The show wanted to seem like a reenactment of a couple’s stay at the Roanoke house. People were often confused by this premise, but people kept watching.

As the season went on, the only major plot points were the deaths of all the characters. Lady Gaga’s role was minimal and strange. Cuba Gooding Jr. was interesting in the show, but his character dynamic was not well developed. The return of Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, and Taissa Farmiga did excite people. However, when the show turned towards to characters going back to the Roanoke house, it seemed drawn out. There was not an interesting plot twist; it was just constant death.

The sore disappointment from the previous seasons is leaving people wondering whether the show will improve. The seventh season has been renewed by FX. The creators said it will be based on modern times, and the plot will be kept a secret like season 6. Hopefully, the next season will not suck, but it probably will.


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