Twin Day: Best Dressed

On Tuesday, Hammond went all out and pieced together their best twin costumes. Here are the top three winning costumes:

1st Place: The Oompa Loompas

oompa loompas

Mansa Asiedu, Mandi Bhatt, Jessica Welsh, Hannah Wehrmeister, Aleah Eschman, Isabelle Dyson, Grace Lee, Kayla Sharp, Maya Harris, Crystal Mwende, Olivia Phillips, Albert King, Emily Vandervelden, Journey Drew, Sunjana Patel

2nd Place: The Blue Man Group

blue men.jpg

Rachel McClanahan, Camren Bruce, Bethany Hewitt

3rd Place: Men in Dresses

Men in Dresses.jpg

Tyler Walters, Zach Lee, Michael Applegate, Isaac Jasper, Mathias O’Neil, Araya Lakeh, Thomas Doherty


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