Hectic Holidays

By: Morgan Snyder
Staff Writer


Sophomore Zoe Sanders always gets stressed around the holidays when she has to think about what everyone wants for Christmas.

During the holiday season, people tend to forget about what the true meaning of what the holidays really are. Holidays used to be about spending time with family, but now it’s all about money and gifts. The holidays nowadays seem to only bring about the perfect gift. Fights can break out and disappointment rushes over you when you couldn’t grab the giant Barbie play house for your daughter, or a game console for your son. Kids are starting to only associate the holidays with presents, when that’s not what the holidays were meant to be about.

During the holidays, people can spend thousands of dollars on gifts for family and then friends, and then co-workers and anyone else who comes along. Some people feel obligated to get everyone they talk to a gift because you know, it’s that time of year for spreading love and cheer but at what cost? Going bankrupt? The holidays should be about spending time with the people who bring love and joy and happiness to you everyday, maybe while wearing ugly sweaters around the fire while watching your favorite holiday movie and drinking hot chocolate.There are so many other ways you can show someone you care for them around the holidays, without having to spend a dime.

The holiday season can be especially stressful for teachers. Ms. Reid, the health and fitness teacher at hammond high school, has said “[this holiday season] has been very stressful because I have school and after school things to do, and I haven’t done any christmas shopping and it’s three days until Christmas.”  

Another teacher who has had a rough season so far is Dr.Moyer. Dr.Moyer said “trying to set up lessons and then going home and trying to set up everything for Christmas has been kind of stressful.”

Brittani Marshall, a sophomore at Hammond high school, says “I’m one of those people that needs to get all of my friends a gift because I don’t want them to think that they aren’t special to me because my friends are the most important thing to me.” Why do they need to prove that you are important to them by buying them a gift? Can’t they just prove it to you every day by being there for you like a friend should be? Zoe Sanders’ stress around the holidays comes from trying to figure out what everybody wants for Christmas. Trying to decide what to get everybody is a big problem for people. Everyone wants to get the perfect gift for the ones they love, and that can be very stressful when you add work and school.

This holiday season, you should try giving the gift of love, because love is infinite and it doesn’t cost a thing. Make the most out of your holiday season with the people you love while you can, because one day, the people you care for the most, might not be there anymore; so go back to the original meaning of the holidays. Spending time with family. Even with the fights and drama, family is the most important thing during the holiday season.


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