Star Wars: The Last Jedi Movie Preview

By Kylie Potter

Star Wars: The Last Jedi (TLJ), the second installment of the new Star Wars trilogy, will hit theaters on December 15, 2017. Fans have waited with bated breath since The Force Awakens (TFA) first came to theaters in December of 2015, and many showtimes for TLJ have already been sold out since tickets became available on October 9th.

Star Wars TLJ

TLJ will hit theaters on December 15th, 2017. Photo Credit: IMDb

While a teaser trailer for TLJ was uploaded 6 months ago, and a behind the scenes reel was released 3 months ago, the first extended trailer did not premiere until two weeks ago. The trailer, which was showcased at halftime during Monday night football, has many fans speculating about the events that will take place in the upcoming movie.

TFA, which was directed by J.J. Abrams, left off with Rey, the main protagonist of the story, finally tracking down the fabled Luke Skywalker. Her mission was to deliver his lightsaber to him and convince him to come out of exile and help the Resistance defeat the First Order.

TLJ, directed by Rian Johnson, will supposedly pick up right where the previous movie left off. Rey will be shown on the planet of Ahch-To handing Luke Skywalker his lightsaber. The trailer hints that he will begin to train Rey to become a Jedi Knight, but will then abandon her training due to being scared of the power she is seen to possess with the Force.

All of the dialogue in the trailer has left a lot of fans with their own theories, but perhaps one of the most important lines is when Luke tells Rey “I’ve seen this raw strength only once before… it didn’t scare me enough then… it does now.” Many theorize that Kylo Ren, the “villain” in TFA, is the other person with the same “raw strength” that Luke has “seen before.” This theory is supported by the opening lines of the trailer, where Supreme Leader Snoke nearly mirrors Luke’s words while seemingly addressing Kylo Ren himself.

As a result of Luke possibly refusing to train Rey, it is a possibility that she may turn to the only other person ready and willing to train her: Kylo Ren. Supporters of this theory use the last scene of the trailer as a reference; the scene shows Rey reaching out for help, and Kylo Ren offering his hand. While these two scenes are most likely edited together to appear as a single scene, viewers still speculate that Rey and Kylo will work together at some point during the film. Rian Johnson himself described them as “two halves of the same protagonist.”

Although many theories have arisen about the upcoming events of TLJ, one thing is for certain: Princess/General Leia Organa, portrayed by the late Carrie Fisher, will not appear in the ninth installment of the trilogy. After filming the majority of TLJ, she sadly passed away in December of 2016.








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