Seniors Stress and BTS: Welcome Back Hammond

By: Anna Tache
Staff Writer

Back to school: everyone’s favorite, or least favorite, time of the year. The hallways are filled with the voices of students talking about their summer, or how much they missed their friends. Every year it seems as if the school keeps getting more populated, and with the class of 2022 being the largest Freshman class that Hammond has seen in years, that feeling is becoming a reality.


John White reading The Crucible and working on some assignments during his lunch period.

As we end the third week of school, the workload starts to become more intense, and students nerves start to get to them. Tigerlily Johnson, a junior, says that it’s her busy schedule that racks her nerves. “What makes me most nervous about this year is that I chose to have two outside jobs along with the amount of work that is brought upon juniors,” said Johnson.

This feeling of being overwhelmed is pretty frequent among upperclassmen, especially seniors. So what is it when it comes to what makes seniors nervous? “Getting into college,” says 12th grader Jaeden Arrington. Schoolwork and school itself “…affects all students’ emotional states by creating a lot of stress to get work done on time and having to balance a social life, a personal life, and school,” says Johnson.

Although school does have a lot of stressors, there are also some wonderful things about school, Hammond in particular. “My favorite thing about Hammond is that I can be friends with so many different kinds of people,” says Sophomore Julia Moyer. Hammond is known to have a very welcoming and open environment, and it’s all thanks to our wonderful students and teachers. I think everyone has a lot more freedom to do what they want,” says Freshman Matthew Galeone. It seems as if the thing that almost every person likes the most about Hammond is its atmosphere, and for good reasons.

So, as I come to a close, I say good luck to all students, new and old. I hope this year is filled with success and happiness for all.


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