Live-Action Aladdin Release Terminated

Uma Ribeiro

Co-News Editor

The number of complaints from parents skyrocketed after the release of the live-action Aladdin trailer in March 2019. Due to the level of fear the trailer caused, the movie was forced to stop production and its release is now officially cancelled.

The complaints of worrisome parents as well as celebrities were constant after the appearance of Will Smith as the Genie came to play in the latest trailer. Children all across the globe, from California to Brazil, reported having nightmares, stating that they thought the Will Smith Genie was hiding in their closets.

EWCVR1542.43_2187y21821891221The cries of the parents and kids alike to terminate the movie, especially if the Genie would look so demonic in every scene, were highly supported by famous celebrities, who seemed to want the movie terminated as well. When the trailer was shown at the 2019 Grammy awards, the celebrity-filled audience seemed thoroughly horrified at the appearance of a blue, CGI Genie.

Celebrities at the 2019 Grammy awards had a lot to say after seeing the blue-skinned Genie for only a few seconds in the trailer. Donald Glover (also known as Childish Gambino) commented, “Will, my friend, what are you doing, man? Are you trying to scare little kids? Tell the producers to change it up.”

This was followed by a horrified Lady Gaga who seemed to be as blue as the Genie himself after viewing the clip. She then commented, “Wow. That was…definitely… an interesting trailer…to say the least. Ugh.” She then proceeded to shake her head and turn away with a look of both confusion and disgust on her face.

The fact that on several magazine cover shoots with the whole cast of the remake, Will Smith was not blue, but looked like the normal, friendly Genie we knew and loved, threw viewers of the trailer off, shocking them even more.

Prior to the release of the appearance of Will Smith as the Genie, most were waiting to see it, actually excited and looking forward to the esteemed actor in a new role. They were instead met with something they could never have imagined in their worst nightmares.

Little kids were not the only ones affected by the horrific sight of the CGI Genie. Hammond High students who saw the movie trailer, even those who are horror-movie buffs, were terrified of what they saw.

Sophomore Dilei Yarmah commented, “Honestly, I was terrified when I first saw the trailer. I had to crawl into my mom’s bed and I cried the whole night. [It should] definitely be rated R. That is not something kids should be watching ever. I still have nightmares. My mom and I cried when we saw the trailer, my sister had a nightmare, and I’m pretty sure I heard my brother scream.”

Hammond High students agree with the termination of the movie entirely, believing that the traumatic sight of the trailer will make it impossible to watch anything related to the film.

Freshman Kelly Kujawa commented, “…my mother kinda dropped the phone when she saw [the trailer]. She has been very terrified and hasn’t been able to sleep since. [The movie] should be rated PG-13 or R [if it is ever released]. It is way too traumatizing for children to see without extreme adult supervision.”

Another 9th grader, Olivia Davis, commented, “[The Genie] is horrible. He looks like a demon. A demon reincarnated. It’s creepy and it gave me nightmares…My [younger] sister screamed [when she saw the Genie]. [She] had nightmares that it came for her and our whole family.”


Please take caution looking at the picture below. Viewer discretion strongly advised.


Though Will Smith as the blue genie did spark a bit of inspiration for memes, it mostly sparked fear. Movie critics did not know whether or not to consider Aladdin a new disney remake or a horror movie.

Unless the producers can find a way to make Will Smith look more like the actor we know and love and less like a blue monster, there is no way parents are going to ever take their kids to see the movie.


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