Arm Wrestling Inducted as Varsity Winter Sport

Troy Kelly

Staff Writer

IMG_1620.jpgStarting next year there will be a new winter sport coming to Howard County; arm wrestling will officially be considered a Hammond varsity sport. There has been a lot of argument as to whether arm wrestling could officially be embraced as a league and be played throughout the county but after much argument the board has allowed arm wrestling to be a sport played by all schools throughout the county.

The sport will be held during the winter for indoor tournaments. Each team will compete based on weight class and gender.  Each time a player beats another that one player gets a point to that team. The team who scores the highest will win the match. The twelve schools in Howard County will compete tournament style getting random brackets and the last two teams will compete head to head with all the other schools attending. The finalist will win the Arm Wrestling Cup and major bragging rights as the strongest school in Howard County.

A lot of parents are skeptical though because they fear that their children’s self confidence will be torn down brutally by exposure to failure. To defend this point Coach Barlow noted, “The kids will learn from this lack of success and be pushed harder to get better and than everyone else, the kids need to learn failure to know success, this is a life lesson for all to learn.”  A future arm wrestler, freshman Brooke Kohlheim, shared her opinion about the upcoming sport “I can’t wait for arm wrestling it will really bring something different to Hammond, I think with the people we have at Hammond we will be able to go pretty far next year.” There are a lot of Hammond students who are very excited for arm wrestling next year.


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