Bear Time Will Be Replaced With Nap Time

Chris Parris

Staff Writer

Sleep is the best medicine, right? The school administration thinks so. Therefore, Bear Time, the thirty minute block that is held on Wednesdays, will cease to exist. Instead of doing homework or studying, students will snooze for thirty minutes. The name of the new block: Nap Time.  During Nap Time, nobody will talk and smartphones will be tucked away. Around the school and in each classroom, the lights will be turned off. Kids will stay in the classrooms so that they can focus on relaxation and cut down on the stress that school brings.


As most of us already know, sleep is very important. Sleep is food for the brain and it allows your body to rest. For students, in particular, sleep is vital. We should be sleeping for 8 to 12 hours each night. According to a study conducted by the National Sleeping Foundation, only 15% of students across America routinely sleep for 8 to 12 hours on a nightly basis. Not getting enough sleep limits a student’s ability to learn, listen, concentrate, and solve problems. Acne, aggressive behavior, unhealthy eating habits, and getting ill are also consequences of not getting enough sleep.

You may be asking yourself, “Will thirty minutes make difference?” The answer to that question is yes. According to Lori Stratton, a writer and high school English teacher at Gardner Edgerton High School,  a short period of rest will be useful to students. “A little rest during an otherwise packed school day helps students.”

Tiffanie Nunley, an assistant principal at Hammond High School, believes that a student’s academic performance will increase. “I anticipate that more students will be on that goal to honor roll if they get that nap.” Overall, students will benefit if they get a thirty minute nap period. However, Nunley wonders if the teachers could benefit too. “What I’m trying to think about is do [the] administrators get to nap at the same time?”


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