Hammond’s Mascot to Change in 2024

Amani Moore

Staff Writer

With the plans of a renovation, Hammond wants a whole new start. They decided the best way to start anew would be by changing the our school mascot! Yes, ladies and gentlemen: it’s time to say “goodbye” the Golden Bear and “hello” to the next new face of the school! The best part about the new mascot is that the students of Hammond will get to choose what it will be. The mascot will be chosen via a poll.

squid costume

The choices are Rudy the Rat, Squints the Sloth, Robert the Roach, or Spike the Squid. This is a huge poll of great importance, for it decides what we will be called! To help with decision making Hammond has provided a short description about each of the choices.

Squints the Sloth has terrible eyesight, so he has to wear thick rimmed glasses with a powerful prescription. He’s very supportive of the team… when he’s not asleep.

Rudy the Rat is constantly hungry and is very sneaky, often stealing people’s food. His motto is “Sharing is Caring.” He’s supportive but only from a distance. It may be hard to see him because he’s pretty shy.

Robert the Roach isn’t the cleanest or the nicest, but unlike the other two, he’ll be at the game and is not scared about being seen. He eats a lot, like Rudy, but he’s not as secretive. Robert is not scared about getting all up in people’s faces, so be sure not to make him angry.

Lastly is Spike the Squid. He’s really just an option to help better represent the school’s swim team. Spike isn’t like squidward: he’s always excited for games and events. He has trouble on land, making him a bit clumsy, but he moves like a butterfly in water.

The poll for voting will open in April of 2024, after Hammond’s renovations are scheduled to be completed.


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