Hammond’s Prom Moved to Graduation Date

Amanda Russell

In-depth Co-Editor

HCPSS has just released the Class of 2019 graduation dates. Hammond High School seniors are graduating on May 28th at 3 pm. Unfortunately, the Hammond prom date had to be moved to May 28th as well due to an accidental double booking of River Hill’s prom. Senior sponsors looked into moving the prom from the grand ballroom to conference room C, but that was also booked because the communist underwater basket weaving convention is in town.

May 28th will now be an especially busy night for Hammond seniors, due to the fact that prom and graduation are now set for the same night. When asked if the Prom date could change in order to accomodate the seniors for graduation, Mrs. Lerner said “Why would we want to change it? I’d rather just get everything done in one night.” Because of the last notice and quick approaching date, May 28th is also the only night that is available for the Senior Crab Feast. The plan is for seniors to go to graduation, take a bus straight to prom, and to have crabs at prom in place of the Senior Crab feast. The event will now be called Promuation.

While many people may be upset due to the abundance of important events happening in the same day, others are very glad that everything will be done and finished at once. “It makes so much more sense to have graduation at 3 o’clock, it works with Merriweather. We have buses provided, so we’ll walk right off the stage and on to a bus and we’ll go right to prom. It just makes sense, no one gets lost and we can keep everyone together. Parents get to see their kids both for graduation and prom, why wouldn’t we do it?” Mr. DiFato said. Instead of having the events on three separate nights, everything is now all bundled into one night. May 28th is a big day for Hammond students because of Promuation.


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