Officer Smith Enforces HoCo’s New Policy 9209

Claire O’Rourke

Features  Editor

As of 22 March 2019, policy 9209 was implemented and began to be enforced across Howard County schools.

Better known as the “Disciplinary Measures for Student-Committed Traffic Violations” policy, this protocol is the newest addition to Howard County policies, and has already begun its enforcement across HoCo schools.

The policy, as complex as it may be in writing, really spells out a simple premise: tickets will now be issued in the parking lots of schools to students who commit traffic violations. Students who are driving 15 mph or faster will be ticketed and fined for speeding; students going over 20 mph will face the ticket and fine for reckless driving.

Policy 9209, in an effort to improve safety, is also looking to cut down on students jaywalking on school property and in parking lots. Any students jaywalking will be ticketed and fined for that offense as well.

Here at Hammond, our very own security guard, Officer Scott, has already become a champion and brutal enforcer of policy 9209.

He has already issued speeding tickets to about twenty-five students, he claims. This is only so far. Though he never wants to see a student committing a traffic violation, his ultimate goal is to issue as many tickets as possible. Officer Scott says he hopes that by the end of May he can crack down on over 500 students speeding in the parking lot.

“I [already] got seventy-five with jaywalking,” Officer Scott shares.

Students jaywalking has posed an even greater threat to safety than even the speeding has. By the end of May, Officer Scott predicts he will have issued one thousand tickets for jaywalking.

Officer Scott also believes the new policy is very beneficial to the safety of both students and parents utilizing the parking lots. “[Policy 9209]  makes it more safe for the kids walking through and the parents getting through and out of the parking lot safely,” he shares.


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