You may have seen all the posters around the school that say Laughing Matters: June 1st. Or had someone ask you what you were doing on June 1st. But what exactly is it? Laughing Matters: June 1st is an Improv Fundraiser for KIND (Kids In Need of Defense). The preeminent organization provides free legal defense for immigrants and refugees across the world. FUN FACT: A nine year old child fleeing from a war torn country in South America who doesn’t speak a single word of English is expected to defend themselves in court, because America doesn’t provide public defenders for immigrants, regardless of other factors. I lied, it’s not fun. We can make a change, and all you have to do is come to this improv show. It has everything, benefits include:

Pay what you want tickets (QR Code below)!

Experienced and hilarious All County Improvisers. 

Raffles for free tickets to other theatre shows.

The chance to pie Sebastian Hurt and others in the face.

Opening Band: THUNDERJAM! (6:30pm) 

Come see some great Improv on June 1st at 7pm at Hammond High School Cafeteria