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Submissions are Open for The Vision!

By Molly Schreier
Staff Writer

Submissions to the The Vision, Hammond’s award-winning literary magazine, are now open.  Students must fill out the Vision’s digital submission form (at, as well as email their submissions to the Vision at or turn in a hard copy to Mrs. Goff.  The current submissions deadline is January 1st.

The Vision.jpg

Volume II, Issue II of The Vision, as well as Volume III, won awards from NCTE. The literary magazine is currently accepting submissions for this school year! 

This year, The Vision is under the leadership of Jasmine Joseph and Ina O’Ryan, with faculty advisor Mrs. Goff.  The previous two years, The Vision was led by Tess McRae, who brought The Vision from a paper pamphlet to a glossy, color-printed magazine.  Under the leadership of McRae, The Vision also won two awards: Volume II, Issue II of The Vision earned an “Above Average” ranking from the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), and Volume III of The Vision earned a “Recommended for Highest Award” ranking from the NCTE as well.

O’Ryan spoke on the magazine’s goals for submissions.  “We want a wide range of submissions, from people all over Hammond in any subject.”  The Vision is especially seeking submissions related to math. “We’re hoping to reach out to the math department and have students submit their projects from math, like how physics students submit their [extra-credit] pictures.”  Specifically, students can submit art projects required for math classes, such as geometry or transformation projects.

Students can also participate in The Vision’s Winter Poetry Contest, which will take place the week before winter break.




School Lunch May be Getting a Little Saltier

School lunch could be changing drastically. An article published by CNN on March 14, 2017, discusses the possibility of Republican lawmakers under the Trump administration repealing one of previous First Lady Michelle Obama’s main accomplishments: the healthy school lunch legislation. This legislation was enacted throughout school systems beginning in the 2012-2013 school year, causing upset among disgruntled schoolchildren and Republicans alike. The School Nutrition Association has proposed that these regulations be cut back, and many believe that the current administration under President Trump is likely to act upon these proposals.

Students at Hammond were asked if they agreed or disagreed with the Trump administration taking action against Michelle Obama’s healthy school lunch legislation:




“The justifications for repealing it is only to save money and it’s at the expense of the students’ health. On the one hand you want them to choose but at the same time if there are no options then you’re not doing them any better.”

-Tony Terrasa 12th



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The Epic Fails of Awards Shows

By Kayla Hendershot
Staff Writer

Oscar Mixup.jpg

Warren Beatty scrambles to explain the mix-up to the audience. Credit: BBC

On February 26, the 2017 Oscar Awards, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, had one of the most epic fails during an awards show. Warren Beatty, one of the awards presenters, looked at the card confusingly, but Faye Dunaway, thinking that Beatty’s confusion was a comedic bit,  presented the award for Best Picture to the 2016 film La La Land. The award was actually supposed to go the the 2016 film, Moonlight.  The cast and producers of La La Land were presenting their speeches, when finally Fred Berger corrected the mistake, and Moonlight was awarded.  

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Hour of Code Told Through Tweets

Freshman, Zion Flowers, is new to learning about code and thinks coding is important for making games and fixing computers!

“This drone is pretty neat! I was so scared it was going to get stuck in my hair!” ~Bethany Hewitt

Freshman, Riley Jones doesn’t know much about coding but “respects how much money those who code make.”

“Coding is a part of today’s society. Everything from your TV to your phone is coded. Coding is a necessity” says Johnny Tapia

“It teaches kids about problem solving” Preston Williams, comp sci student, on the importance of Hour of Code

Mr. Kostrick and Preston Williams think the is so important so Hammond’s students can see the awesome work they have done!

Mr. L controls a drone!

Students in the back lab enjoy an Hour of Code activity with Mr. Petran. Come down and participate!

Transgender Students: Playing a Sport of their Choice

By Alexis Kujawa
Staff Writer

Being part of the LGBT community is hard enough to be in, with being discriminated against through words and actions of others. If you are transgender or part of the community, it is very hard to apply for jobs or apply for college.


The official flag of the transgender community. Credit: Google Images

There is much behind being transgender. Each person is born with an either XX or XY chromosomes. That is your determined sex. What most people don’t know, is that gender and sex are two different things. Sex is determined by the chromosomes and DNA your parents gave you. Gender is being either male or female. Even though scientists have not been able to find an exact cause of being transgender, their studies have been able to show that part of it is possibly genetics and part of being in the womb. (WebMd)

There is much to know about being transgender, which is a big cause of why transgender people are being discriminated against. This can cause distress, anxiety, and depression. Some people also believe that the mismatch between the internal sense of gender and the body’s physical sex is a mental illness, but it is not. (WebMd)

In order to be transgender, a person would have to go through symptoms for least six months. Some of the symptoms for kids are: having lots of friends of the opposite gender, telling people they are the opposite gender even though they have body parts of the opposite gender, and believing that they will grow up to be the opposite gender. (WebMd)

Something very hard for people in the transgender community is being able to play the sport that they want. According to, certain high school sports will not accept people who are transgender without certain documents (depending on the state), in the particular sport the person wants to play. Only 15 states, including Maryland, allow transgender individuals play the sport of their choosing without any verification.

Howard County is partners with Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbian and Gays (PFLAG), which helps educate others on what it is like being part of the LGBT community. This helps students who go to Howard County schools be more included in their school community.

Because high school sports and activities are an important aspect of high school, being able to choose the club/sport of their choosing is very important to the person. When asked if she would be comfortable about a transgender person trying out for the Hammond basketball team, Fatima Shaikh, a freshman, said “Yeah, I would be comfortable. I wouldn’t mind. Well, mainly because it doesn’t matter how they identify and that shouldn’t matter.”

Sydney Phillips, a junior varsity field hockey midfielder, said of the topic, “..There are actually people into it, there are people who go for it and then there are those people who say they are but they actually aren’t, but if you go for it, then yeah.

From a coach’s perspective, Coach Reid, coach for the Varsity Girls’ basketball team and Freshman volleyball, said “I really don’t have a specific opinion. But looking statistically at the power and the strength of a male compared to a female, I do know that from teaching. There are differences in the muscular structures and the amount of strength a male has as opposed to a female. So I think that won’t be necessarily fair. However, you also have other things that would be considered as far as chemicals and balance of that nature…so I think there’s a lot to be studied before that happens.”

People at Hammond seem opening and accepting if anyone would want to join their sports team of their choosing, which helps transgenders feel more accepted.


Girls’ Varsity Soccer: On The Rise

By Amanda Graves
Staff Writer
@amandagraves27 on Twitter

The Hammond Girls’ Varsity Soccer team has great potential for their 2016 fall season due to their new formation and strong starters. The team won their tournament, but lost the next three in-county games.

After winning a tournament against Howard and Meade, Varsity looked to do well against their next in-county games. Although, they lost 0-3 to Wilde Lake, 1-2 to Glenelg, and 0-1 to Atholton. Coach Christopher Reagle believes the team played well together, but “we need to win individual matchups.” Senior center midfielder Madison Pisone stated in the game against Atholton defense and midfield “did well keeping their marks,” so they improved in a few areas since the Wilde Lake and Atholton games.

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