By: Tigerlily Johnson
Staff Writer

Animal Crossing is making a comeback, from what was originally a game started for Gamecube, DS and Wii, is now being available in app stores for smartphones! Animal Crossing is a video game created by Nintendo that enables players to create a character and live in a village with other computer-simulated animal citizens. The character can do various things, like complete jobs for Tom Nook (the owner of the store and house owning), planting flowers, transporting mail to residents, and of course paying off your mortgage! Players can also earn money by selling items from the town like fruit and seashells. The objective of the game is to upgrade your house and pay off your mortgage on your player’s house, but with a bigger house comes more responsibilities. Animal Crossing isn’t only a fun virtual game, but it serves as a relaxing and stress-free pastime.

Many dedicated fans have held onto the game over these 12 years, and sporadically played for the nostalgic feeling more recently. The new Animal Crossing app for smartphones debut in late November, and is titled “Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp”.

Revenue and download ratings are expected to be very high, breaking the app store’s record for most downloaded.

Photo Credit: The Verge

A long time player of the game, Samantha Martin, a junior at Hammond, is excited to see the new changes the game will include. “I used to play Animal Crossing as a child, and I’m excited to see what is new to the game.” Since this game is projected towards older electronics, like a Wii and DS, the graphics are heavily pixelated. Though the point of Animal Crossing is meant to be cartoon-like, Samantha expects the graphics to be clearer, and more characterized for the animal’s personality. “I think it won’t be as expansive, since it is only for your phone. I hope it will be more interactive, like connecting with your friends to play the game. That will attract more people to play if they can with friends.”

The app was very successful, #1 in app stores for quite some time. The Nintendo website, allows players to scan Animal Crossing amiibo figures to invite them to your Campground area. The characters play off the theme of camping, with an RV, campground, and background setting. This is a very original feature; previous versions of the game have been portrayed in a neighborhood with a house.  This smartphone version of “Animal Crossing” is also giving younger players an experience they may have been too young for when “Animal Crossing” was first available on DS and Wii.  “I am really looking forward to getting to know the new app better–my little sister already loves it!” Says Hammond Senior, Molly Schreier

What has once started off as a 2000’s DS game, is now one of the most downloaded apps today. So if you’re looking for a new game, give\ “Animal Crossing Pocket Camp” a try!