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Bear Time Will Be Replaced With Nap Time

Chris Parris

Staff Writer

Sleep is the best medicine, right? The school administration thinks so. Therefore, Bear Time, the thirty minute block that is held on Wednesdays, will cease to exist. Instead of doing homework or studying, students will snooze for thirty minutes. The name of the new block: Nap Time.  During Nap Time, nobody will talk and smartphones will be tucked away. Around the school and in each classroom, the lights will be turned off. Kids will stay in the classrooms so that they can focus on relaxation and cut down on the stress that school brings.


As most of us already know, sleep is very important. Sleep is food for the brain and it allows your body to rest. For students, in particular, sleep is vital. We should be sleeping for 8 to 12 hours each night. According to a study conducted by the National Sleeping Foundation, only 15% of students across America routinely sleep for 8 to 12 hours on a nightly basis. Not getting enough sleep limits a student’s ability to learn, listen, concentrate, and solve problems. Acne, aggressive behavior, unhealthy eating habits, and getting ill are also consequences of not getting enough sleep.

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Hammond Provides Opportunities for Students With Special Needs

Claire O’Rourke

Features Editor

Hammond has long been providing opportunities for its students with special needs, but for the 2018-2019 school year, educators and students have worked together to expand the opportunities that are offered.

This school year has seen the return of the well-loved Best Buddies program, along with additions of brand new opportunities for students with special needs like the Book Buddies program and the ALS Coffee Delivery Service.

Best Buddies, a club where students in special education programs can meet with fellow Hammond students and participate in fun thematic activities, started a new chapter this year that proved to be the club’s revival. After a few years of the club’s absence, Senior Katie Rees saw a chance for the club to come back, and quickly sprung into action.

“I saw a huge need for it. There are a ton of incredible students with special needs at Hammond, and a ton of people I know are very interested in being friends, so I think what we needed was a space where we could all be together and just have fun and make friendships, so I wanted to be a part of that—to initiate that,” Rees shared.

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Writer’s League Offers a Space to Create

ByAmanda Weirich
Staff Writer

Hammond Writer’s League is a private and safe space to write for students interested in free and creative writing. The club is run by President Ian Pinkerton and Vice President Claire O’Rourke after school from 2:10 to 3:15 in Ms. Isch’s room.

O’Rourke’s dream is to become a novelist and write young adult novels. She believes that Hammond Writers League is the best way to write what you enjoy and pursue any writing dreams you may have. According to O’Rourke, Writer’s League’s normal routine is to come in and have a snack and follow the prompt on the board. They usually have thirty minutes of writing time, and at the end they all share.

IMG_4738 (1)

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All About Facial Recognition

By: Amina Jamil
Managing Editor
We all have heard of the new iPhone X, and its’ most prominent feature: facial recognition. Users are able to use facial recognition to unlock their phones and even to use Apple pay. But, how exactly does facial recognition work? What even is facial recognition? It is a relatively new technology, so there are still some unknown aspects to it, but the overall software is simple.
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Reflecting on The Trip of a Lifetime

By: Caitlin Pettengill
Staff Writer

A  dedicated group of Hammond High School teachers organized a trip to England, Ireland, Wales, and France for HCPSS students for the Spring of 2017. I was disappointed when I first saw the itinerary and noticed that we were spending the most time in Ireland.
It’s not that I wasn’t expecting to enjoy Ireland, I’d just heard so many amazing things from people who had been to London and Paris and would have rather maximized my time at those European landmarks. Regardless, I was quick to sign up the day Educational
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NAHS Empty Bowls Fundraiser For Grassroots

By: Amina Jamil
Managing Editor

The annual Empty Bowls event took place last Friday, February 23rd. It is sponsored by the art club and National Art Honor Society (NAHS). The purpose of Empty Bowls is to raise money for local food shelters, and all proceeds go to Grassroots.  What exactly do you do at Empty Bowls? When you come in, you buy a ticket for $10, which covers the cost of an all-you-can-eat soup buffet, and you get to take home a clay bowl. While you enjoy your meal, there is live music, courtesy of Jazz Band, and even a few featured performances from certain individuals. It is a welcoming, family-friendly environment that allows people to enjoy a nice dinner while supporting a good cause. Continue reading

Profesor Ulloa trae el mundo a Hammond en español

por:  Tsega Amare ’18
Español 5 AP estudiante

El Sr. Oscar Ulloa viajó a Japón con solo una mochila y poco dinero, pero vivió allí por siete años. Al principio, era difícil para acostumbrarse al nuevo ambiente, pero después de un tiempo pudo hablar el idioma con fluidez. Con mucho trabajo y perseverancia, cualquiera persona puede aprender un idioma.

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