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A Closer Look at Hammond’s Project Linus Chapter

By Halimah Kargbo

Features Editor

A Project Linus meeting from the 2020-2021 school year

Hammond’s Project Linus chapter is a club dedicated to not only community service, but also to building friendships and camaraderie. Meetings, which occur over Google Meet every Tuesday at 3 pm, are a safe and comfortable space for Hammond students to come and engage in various discussions or activities.

“People don’t really understand that we don’t want to just be the club that can get you some quick service hours,” senior Feben Abiy says. “We essentially want to be a place for students to just vent and be creative; sometimes we watch shows/movies, give each other advice, or just encourage people to come and socialize.”

Feben is the president of Project Linus this year and shares insights into how the club has had to change due to the new virtual environment.

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Hammond’s Online Opportunities: A Guide for Students

By Halimah Kargbo

Features Editor

Hammond High School on Twitter: "Golden Bears: what is One Thing you can do  today to show your commitment to your academic goals? #OneThingWednesday"
Image Source: Hammond High School Twitter

This online school year has provided unique opportunities for students to engage with their teachers and peers from home. There are so many ways to stay active with clubs or even get extra help with academics all using Google Meet. 

“I’ve participated in the Afterschool Tutoring program three times this year, one of them as a tutor,” says senior Jac’ey Wynn-Ogunbode. “All three times were for one subject and I would rate it as effective. I got one-on-one support and ample time to ask questions.”

Even though the opportunities are available, it doesn’t seem like many students are reaching out and taking advantage of them. With the Afterschool Tutoring program in particular, there are times when few students are in attendance.

“Not many students attended the support session. There were 2-4 students at most whenever I went, but I can’t complain because I got a chance to learn and practice problems in a small environment,” Jac’ey adds.

No matter the reason why many students aren’t coming, it’s still important to get the word out for those who are interested in coming in after afterschool for any reason. Thus, here are some of the ways for students to receive help or engage with the Hammond Community with the click of a button:

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Snowfall in Howard County: Is it all we hoped for?

Maryland Sees First Major Snow Of Season – CBS Baltimore

Image Source: CBS Baltimore

By Halimah Kargbo

Features Editor

When it comes to winters here in Maryland, the average winter temperature hasn’t changed much in the last five years, but the same can’t be said when thinking about snow. This season, the amount of snowfall has surpassed the total amount that we received in Maryland last winter. It was a pretty low bar to beat, seeing as how last year’s total was 1.8 inches. An amount like that has only been seen twice since the year 1973.

For those who love snow, hearing that we are well into a snowy winter this year is good news. 

“I’ve enjoyed the snowfall. It provides a nice change of scenery,” senior Jac’ey Wynn-Ogunbode says. “These are unprecedented times, so it’s nice to feel ‘normal’ and curl up with some hot chocolate while watching the snow.”

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Looking Towards a “Post-Corona” Future

By Halimah Kargbo

Features Editor

Comment: Law firm leaders already know a lot about the post-Corona world  but dare they take advantage? - Legal Business

Image Source:

If you have been alive for the last 10 months, at some point, you have probably heard the words:

“Once COVID is over…” followed by some kind of expectation for the far and distant future. This phrase arose in those first few weeks of March before it was known that the two-week vacation from school would turn into a year-long one. At that point, there was still the hope that life would return to normal; these days, that hope is pretty hard to come by. 

“I feel like it’s going to take a while to get back to completely normal,” senior Katie Mason says. “Some people are still gonna be paranoid about it for years, which is understandable.”

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The Importance of Foster Animals

Why You Should Consider Fostering

By Melina Guth

News Editor

We’ve successfully adopted out over 50 cats in our time fostering, above are a few of our previous fosters. Source: The Guth family

    Millions of stray cats, dogs, and other domesticated animals that do not belong in the wild are living amongst us in our cities and towns across the country without anywhere to go or proper resources to survive. Of these millions, an estimated 58 million stray cats in the United States roam about our streets.

    You can help lower that number and change the lives of these feline friends by opening up your home to them where they will be sheltered and taken care of, but most importantly, loved. This is called fostering! When you foster an animal, you allow them to experience life outside of a shelter environment and relish in the comfort of a home setting until they are able to go to their forever homes.

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COVID-friendly Ways to Make the Holidays Fun

By Halimah Kargbo

Features Editor

Navigating the Holidays During the COVID-19 Pandemic | Cedars-Sinai

Image Source:

This year’s holiday season is different from any other. Most of the traditions that many families once enjoyed have to be adjusted due to the pandemic.

Autumn Worthington, a junior at Hammond, expressed this same sentiment, saying “This year the plans aren’t really that grand since we can’t be around large sums of people compared to like before. Before [COVID-19], I’d be going to different families’ houses and spending time with lots of people.”

Now, Hammond students and their families are celebrating the holidays either from home or within their immediate family. 

“I am staying home with my mom watching Christmas movies,” senior Talia Parchment comments. “This is different from recent years because I would be spending time with aunts and cousins as well.”

Staying safe is on everyone’s mind this season, and even more so as cases begin to surge. So, here’s a list of COVID-friendly holiday plans to consider as our winter break approaches:

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HoCo Wishes for Snow

By Ali Ahmed

Staff Writer

AdobeStock, free-use

As the holiday season draws near, nothing would make one happier than news of early snow for a White Christmas. Anything more than the last few years of dreadful slush and one-inch snowfalls that Howard County is so accustomed to.

Becca Kane, a Hammond High Junior, emphasized this. “The lack of snow is unfortunate. It gets so cold around here in the winter, and snow is what makes that cold worth it for me. So it’s frustrating”.

Predictions by The Weather Channel say we should have a “cold and white” winter for this 2020-2021 season, which is more optimistic than any prediction received in the last few years for Maryland. 

A “White Christmas” is an iconic situation, rarely occurring here in Howard County. Our chances for a White Christmas are slim, but not impossible. The Weather Channel, along with other credible sources, predict the later weeks of December being below freezing with chances of precipitation.

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Personal Growth In Quarantine

How some celebrities have led the way

By Jessica Mawi

Staff Writer

Justin Bieber’s song, “Holy” released in September 2020 under his new album, “Changes.”

We are all aware of COVID-19 hitting worldwide to the point where it became a national emergency. Many stores, public services, and even parks went into lockdown along with us citizens for the safety of ourselves and others. Many of us complained about being quarantined, but we never challenged ourselves with a new perspective. A perspective in which there is a light at the end of the tunnel. What is that light? It is personal growth.

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The Comeback of Drive-In Movie Theaters

As Traditional Theaters Lose Customers Amidst Pandemic, Drive-in Theaters see a Boom in Business

By Jaria Butler

Photography Editor

The movie theater industry was a big source of entertainment before the pandemic hit. Now lots of them are losing money and are in desperate need of clientele. Most AMC and Cinemark theaters have opened back up in our area following strict COVID-19 policies that can be accessed on their website. According to No Film School, AMC is joining the movie theater rental game. For just $99, you can host a personal screening for one, or make it a private party for up to 20 people in total. 

Junior Becca Kampmann expressed her opinion on AMC’s rental policy, commenting, “I think that’s a pretty good idea because [you can see a movie] with everyone you know and it helps the theater make money. I wouldn’t participate in it because that is a lot of money but for someone else, that’s a good idea if they are okay with the cost.”

Despite new safety guidelines, experts say movie theaters are high risk. According to Healthline, Dr. Vinisha Amin, a hospital medicine physician with the University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Health, says that as more cities and counties think of opening their movie theaters, it’s important to note the medical data about how COVID-19 spreads: through respiratory droplets.

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Halloween During COVID-19: How One Family is Celebrating This Year

By Asziria Colbert

Staff Writer

Pictured Above: Keith Colbert as the Beast

It is sad to say that this will be the first year millions of people have to stay home for Halloween. COVID-19 has put a halt on almost everything for most families, specifically in regards to getting together for holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions.

Halloween is probably one of the most liked holidays because it is the one day of the year where people get to dress up, hang out with friends, and of course, get free candy. It leaves you to wonder how Halloween will still be celebrated with the “6 feet apart” and “Masks required” precautions.

There are people that are willing to go out and have fun in spite of our current reality, and my friends and I are some of those people. However, we will be celebrating with proper safety measures in place!

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