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Our Top 3 Pics

Bear Press photo editor looked back through his art portfolio, and here are his top 3 pictures!

Shehzan Dahya 'Bear Force'

“Bear Force!” By Photo Editor: Shehzan Dahya

Shehzan Dahya 'A Complaint'

“A Complaint” By Photo Editor: Shehzan Dahya

Shehzan Dahya ' Outlook'

“Outlook” By Photo Editor: Shehzan Dahya


Hectic Holidays

By: Morgan Snyder
Staff Writer


Sophomore Zoe Sanders always gets stressed around the holidays when she has to think about what everyone wants for Christmas.

During the holiday season, people tend to forget about what the true meaning of what the holidays really are. Holidays used to be about spending time with family, but now it’s all about money and gifts. The holidays nowadays seem to only bring about the perfect gift. Fights can break out and disappointment rushes over you when you couldn’t grab the giant Barbie play house for your daughter, or a game console for your son. Kids are starting to only associate the holidays with presents, when that’s not what the holidays were meant to be about. Continue reading